Powerful Marketing Tips to Follow on Your WordPress Powered Shop!

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Powerful Marketing Tips to Follow on Your WordPress Powered Shop!

WordPress is a wonderful web platform that can be used the way you want it to be. Whether you are a blogger or a business owner or involved in eCommerce activities, you can opt for this powerful CMS and make it work accordingly.

With a wide range of plugins, themes, and extensions, it is highly appreciated among retailers in the whole CMS marketplace. In this piece of writing, I shall be writing on some powerful marketing tips that you can opt for your WordPress powered shop in the upcoming year 2019.

Marketing is the heart of any business whether online or offline. It is quite essential while reaching out to your target audience. It doesn’t only help you to market your brand but also allows you to curate conversions by appealing to consumers in an appropriate manner.

Let’s begin with the marketing tips below:

  1. Offer Personalization

Offering personalization is a perfect way to lure customers and often regarded as one of the powerful marketing strategies on your WordPress shop.

It generally refers to displaying the content, products or other services to a particular consumer base depending on their taste and preferences. And, there are numerous ways in which you can make offer personalization on your website.

As per Gartner research on eCommerce future, “By 2020, merchants who take care of good website personalization can boost up to 15% profits”.

Most common aspects that you can tailor as per customer’s tastes are inclusive of messages, visuals, and dynamic content. Some of the best practices to achieve compelling marketing strategies on your website includes- Geo-location targeting, recommend products based on customer’s browsing history, and smart targeting with segmentation.

     2. Appropriate Usage of Tools 

With the advancement of digitization, many developers are being able to develop new tools that do the work for you and save your time. Although true to an extent, opting for appropriate marketing tools can empower you to perform better in every aspect.

To stand a chance in the current competitive digital industry, therefore, you need to incorporate certain marketing tools and tactics to ensure seamless communication strategies and logistical operations.

In context with your WordPress powered online shop, you can easily opt for leading WordPress integration services and implement an appropriate level of marketing ways. Having to mention, some of the best marketing tools available in the market are MailChimp, Google Analytics, AB Press Optimizer, and SEO by Yoast etc.

     3. Product Bundles & Packages

Understanding your target audience’s psychology is quite important to implement an effective marketing strategy as well as helps you to achieve aimed business growth. To achieve this, you need to step into the shoes of your consumers by joining relevant forums & social media groups in regards to their preferences and overviews.

One of the most effective ways of marketing is offering mixed bundling of products that help you to extract more value from your customers over a complete product lifecycle.

You can initiate this process of product bundling & packaging by analyzing a possible variety of products that can be bundled together depending upon your consumers’ past purchase. Furthermore, you can also offer a certain amount of discount on the same to generate more of their interest in your offering.

This way you are also helping your consumers to find different products of their need together in a single place while easing down their buying journey on your website.

    4. Social Media Adaptability

In today’s digitally driven world, social media and online commerce are two interwoven terms that go hands in hands while selling online. Introduced as communication channels initially, social media platforms have taken a drastic change and emerged as a hot selling platform for many online vendors.

Be it Twitter or Instagram or any other social media platform, this trend of social media marketing has taken over the industry. In general, social media marketing involves the process of using social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest etc.) to promote and trade one’s brand, products, and other services. And, you are supposed to find out the right social media platform for you where you can reach a great amount of your target audience.


Marketing is the essence of any business or individual aspirations while contacting the audience. If you are able to crack the best deal out of various marketing tips mentioned above, you are definitely going to be in a complete win-win situation.

At last, I hope that you enjoyed the reading!

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