Best Office Apps of 2017 for Android

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Best Office Apps of 2017 for Android
  • ·     We love to use android app, and the mainstream requirement of using an app basically regards to the education, entertainment, and professional purposes. Apps are useful in terms of huge concerns, but sometimes it doesn’t give us the ultimate satisfaction if we don’t get the proper stuff for the specific reason. At the point of time, it becomes a very vital subject that which app would you prefer for your daily streaming!

    ·      There is a huge number of people, who basically does their Office works in the Microsoft Office or in iOS phones; they are not very much officially active in Android devices. But if they come to know the best official apps which are belonging from the android background, then for sure the android will also attract many office app users. Here in the below list, you will find the best 8 Office Apps of 2017, which have the capability to meet your demands by providing quality features. 


    1. Microsoft Office Mobile:

    In the early years, Microsoft Office was only available for the “Microsoft” mobile users, but in late 2010, it has launched its own Smartphone series and made a special app setup for the android users as well. In terms, Microsoft Office is the perfect Office/Professional app for any user out there. This highly optimized app has the under mentioned key features.

    Key features:

    ·         • Availability of a well optimized Microsoft Word in your phone base.

    ·         • Availability of a well optimized Microsoft PowerPoint in your phone base.

    ·         • Microsoft Access.

    ·         • Microsoft Excel.

    ·         • Best customization options for the users.

    ·         • And compatible to open, edit, explore, customize any MS File and etc.


    2. Docs to Go:

    Like the above app, MS Office Mobile, “Docs to Go” is also a very compatible app for android mobiles, and all its services up to mark for regular use. This is a free stuff and even you can subscribe a package for more features. “Docs to Go” is fulfilled with a lot of modern features.

    Key features:

    ·         • A Quality Word Processer and highly relevant options in it.

    ·         • You can create, open, edit and customize any MS Excel file here.

    ·         • Create your presentations by the help of PowerPoint in “Docs to Go”.

    ·         • Ability to sync files with your desktop.

    ·         • “Docs to Go” can let you open locked files.

    ·         • Better cloud sourcing options and well customizable app.


    3. QuickOffice:

    QuickOffice is actually owned by Google and it’s a free stuff. This is a pure android office suite and has all the features of an Office which are the general requirement of a user. QuickOffice is quite a vast stuff and has a lot of options to be explored.

    Key Features:

    ·         • QuickWord.

    ·         • QuickSheet.

    ·         • QuickPoint.

    ·         • All the MS docs can be edited, created and customized here.

    ·         • This is highly compatible with Smartphone and Tabs.


    4. Google Drive:

    Google Drive has two app options, one is the free version and another once charges for the services. If you are a planning to download quality stuff then Google Drive is a great choice for you.

    Key Features:

    ·         • This app has its own doc viewing, editing, and creating the section, which is called Google Doc.

    ·         • Google Drive is applicable for preparing presentations, by Google Slides.

    ·         • Best quality PDF viewer.

    ·         • Applicable for doing accounting works by Google Sheets.

    ·         • And Google Drive also includes the Cloud storage in the system.


    5. Free Office:

    This is free for the lifetime using, and the features are very much quality oriented. If you want to get a simple but standard platform, then Free Offie is a better option for you. lifetime using, and the features are very much quality oriented. If you want to get a simple but standard platform, then Free Offie is a better option for you.

    Key Features:

    ·         • The availability of TectMaker.

    ·         • Spreadsheet handling.

    ·         • Creating Presentations by slides and other all useful options.

    ·         • A standard Word Processor for handling your MS Word projects.

    ·         • Options for personalization and etc.


    6. Polaris Office:

    Don’t surprise if you are listening to the name for the first time because Polaris Office is well efficient in this section and it is not a new one. It has three versions, including a lot of features.

    Key Features:

    ·         • This supports near about 8 types of various languages.

    ·         • PO is a great platform for cloud storage services.

    ·         • Word Processor.

    ·         • Excel Processor.

    ·         • This is available for accessing a lot of formats.

    ·         • PowerPoint Processor.

    ·         • Access Processor.

    ·         • This allows you do upload and downloads docs from any desktop computer. download docs from any desktop computer.


    7. CamScanner:

    App with a special document scanner! Just check out the features to clear your concept.

    Key Features:

    ·         • CamScanner can import various office documents as per your need.

    ·         • It can easily convert the photos into a well-optimized PDF stuff.

    ·         • A genuine Word Processor for preparing contents.

    ·         • Better Presentation preparation options including a lot of customization.

    ·         • Availability of Spreadsheet management.

    ·         • CamScanner helps you to handle the access documents.


    8. Chrome Remote desktop:

    This stuff comes with a lot of office features, but this is quite exceptional by its functions.

    Key Features:

    ·         • CRD allows you to remote your PC and makes it applicable to use like your Smartphone.

    ·         • This is highly compatible with Tablets, that so the best performances of CRD have been seen on tablet Smartphone.

    ·         • CRD is also compatible with the wireless accessories.

    ·         • CRD can be used on your PC by the help of your Android phone and that actually alternate the need of an office suite.

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