Can Dogs eat Bananas?

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Can Dogs eat Bananas?

Bananas are not only delicious, but they are also one of the healthiest fruits in the world. Loaded with potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, and fiber, bananas offer several health benefits

From refreshing smoothies and snack between meals to cereals, we add bananas in a variety of ways in our diet. But the question is can dogs eat bananas? Will it do them the same benefit as it does to our body? Find the answer to the question here.

While bananas have several benefits for our health as these are replete with nutrients, the fruit is also low in sodium and cholesterol, and high in sugar content. Therefore, many veterinarians recommend that you only feed bananas to your dog as treats and not as a significant part of the diet.

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When dogs are fed bananas in excess, it can lead to constipation. Since the fruit is a tiny bit harder to digest as compared to others, its consumption in surplus or as large pieces can also result in the development of other stomach complications in the pawed friends.

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So, can dogs eat bananas for diarrhea? The fruit has proven to be helpful for dogs suffering from diarrhea. A diet referred to by animals experts as BRAT, which stands for banana, rice, applesauce, and toast can be administered to the pet for a day or two if he has the stomach complication.

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There’s another question that is often puzzling dog owners that can their dogs eat bananas peel? Well, the veterinarian community has a unanimous answer to it. While banana peels are not usually toxic, these can create a blockage in the stomach of your pet depending on the size of your dog.

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So, if you are planning to add bananas to the diet of your furry friend, it would be better if you make a trip to your veterinarian first as the doctor can tell you if or how much quantity of the fruit is healthy for him. Additionally, in case you are also planning to serve his first banana to your dog, then you must also check if he is allergic to the fruit.

We hope that the information given in the article will prove to be beneficial for the health of your pet so he can stay at his amusing licking habits. In case you have any thoughts or opinions on the article that you wish to share with us, kindly use the dedicated comment section below.

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