Chennai: The most flourishing city to build a great career

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Are you looking forward to moving to Chennai to build a meaningful career? If yes, then you will be thrilled to know that the city has a huge economic base. And this economic base is dominated by the major industries including Information Technology, Automobile, Financial, Medical sector, among others. Whether you are fresher or experienced, you can find a wide array of jobs in Chennai to apply for. In order to get the insight of scope in various top sectors in Chennai, you should take a look at the following information.

So, let’s get started…. 

IT and software services 

Being one of the most flourishing Indian cities for out-shoring services, Chennai has become the largest exporter of the IT and the thriving city for android and games based technologies ultimately. Several leading companies have their offices in the city to offer excellent job opportunities. And those software companies include 

  • *. HCL 

*. Oracle Corporation

*. Wipro

*. Intel

*. Amazon

*. Accenture

*. Infosys

*. Microsoft

*. Capgemini

*. Deloitte etc.

Apart from this, the demand for professionals working in the BPO field has also escalated in the last few years. Many economic zones have also been developed in and around the city. 

Banking and Finance Sector 

If you are here in the Chennai city to get indulge in the banking and finance, then you will find many well-established banks and financial institutions out there. When talking about the present scenario, this city is the home to four public and commercial banks. Many regional and state level banks have also opened their branches in Chennai.

Here is the list of some financial institutions in the city. 

*. Bank of America 

*. World Bank

*. Credit Suisse

*. ING Group

*. ABN Amro

*. Standard Chartered Bank


*. Asian Development Bank

*. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

*. Citibank

*. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

*. BNP Paribas Fortis

Automobile Sector 

As Chennai has the top-notch multinational companies, it is second to none in terms of auto ancillary industry. Major automobile manufacturing units and allied industries are available there to provide job seekers with the great employment opportunities. Hyundai, TVS motors, Avalon Technologies, Takata, YAPP Automotive, Ashley Alteams, and many other auto component companies have their manufacturing plants in the city.  

Electronic Hardware Sector 

Over the last few years, various leading international companies have established their centers in Chennai. And this has made this city a major hub for electronics manufacturing in South Asia. With the initiative of state government in bolstering the electronic manufacturing, Chennai has become the largest electronics hardware exporter. There are some top companies such as Dell, Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Atmel, Xerox, Texas Instruments, among others which offer a huge array of jobs to explore.  

The best thing about the companies in Chennai is that they offer lucrative salary packages to the employees along with the exciting perks. To avail of the perks of working in one of the metropolitan cities of India, you have to apply for the best-suited jobs in Chennai which can make meet your criteria. And to get the greatest coverage of job opportunities, you can rely on the leading online job portals. So, register on a leading portal today!

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