11 Most Unfortunate Typos Ever Committed In History

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11 Most Unfortunate Typos Ever Committed In History

Typo errors can happen with anyone and everyone. And they spare no one. 

A few may just get over the minds of people in some time. But the others turn out to be unfortunate and inescapable from the historical accounts. 

#1. The N Word!

Probably one of the most adverse typos in the history of American journalism was committed by Yahoo Finance on Twitter. The website promoted a story, "Trump Wants A Much Bigger Navy: Here’s How Much It’ll Cost.” But instead of “bigger,” people figured out something conflicting. They typed "nigger." It was only after around 2800 retweets that Yahoo deleted the post! 

(Image Courtesy: Business2community)

#2. Hard-on Restart

The amusing incident happened when BBC news reported about a huge atom-smashing machine that was being restarted after 2-years of upgradation. But the entire news got overshadowed by a spelling error. Instead of "Hadron" Collider Restart, BBC News channel mentioned "Hardon" Collider Restart. Quite an explicit one! 

(Image Courtesy: Mirror)

#3. Thou Shalt Commit Adultery

A rare 400-year-old Bible had been put up for sale at an auction fetching almost £15,000. Reason? Ten Commandments of the book contained a critical typo error which encouraged people to have affairs. The mistake came up only after the distribution of 1000 copies. It could have been a mere slip or maybe a plot against the publisher's repute. 

(Image Courtesy: The Telegraph)

#4. Armstrong Used Rugs

On BBC News, a headline read "Armstrong used rugs!" Perhaps he was quite addicted to flooring carpets. Or there was a missing Apostrophe S at the end of Armstrong. Maybe it was a dealing of some used rugs! The cases are funny but the scenario was, Lance Armstrong used drugs. Viewers kept giggling for long!

(Image Courtesy: The Hollywood Reporter)

#5. Peeface

Reading Peeface and not preface on the first page of a book could be embarrassing. Unbelievable but true, one can easily jumble up the Rs and Es while setting the types during the 1830s. Imagine the situation of all those scholars and literates coming across such a typo situation! 

(Image Courtesy: metro)

#6. Grinding People

This hilarious typo created a massive outrage amongst the public because of a cookbook. Penguin Australia had to destroy around 7000 copies as one of the recipes read "freshly ground black people" instead of the "freshly ground black pepper." Upon discovering, publishers willingly offered replacements to people who found it uncomfortable!

(Image Courtesy: Commons.wikimedia)

#7. Obama, not Osama

BBC's official website displayed a ticker that accidentally labeled as "Obama dead." The blunder appeared on their homepage section but was shortly edited and corrected. 

(Image Courtesy: WordPress)

#8. Vagna!

An enormously titled headline in an Australian newspaper read, " Any Schumer: I'm sorry I have a vagna! Perhaps the missing letter I accidentally got stapled, but unfortunately, it was a gaffe.

(Image Courtesy: News Australia)

#9. A Hyphen And $80 Million

A missing over bar led to the most expensive hyphenated blunder in the history. This typo or software error rendered the Marine 1 little craft to detonate in less than five minutes just after the launch.

(Image Courtesy: Cracked)

#10. Chiie?

Gregorio Iniguez gave a green signal to the production of a massive 1.5 million 50-peso coins in the year 2010. What's the deal? It misspelled the country's name! Coins read "C-H-I-I-E." 

(Image Courtesy: daily mail)

#11. Spinach Obsession

Popeye, the spinach man, has been our favorite character for decades. Though unfortunately, his spinach claim to fame is the greatest conspiracies of the agricultural history. Producers of the cartoon made an accidental print over Popeye's spinach box. They arbitrarily increased the iron content from 3.5 grams to 35 grams

(Image Courtesy: Get Holistic Health)

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