Google's doodle

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Google's doodle

Google is one of the most popular and important search engines. Google's doodle is basically the pictorial representation of the Google's logo. Doodling actually means meaningless drawing or scribbling. It was started way back in 1998. 

The first doodle was that for the Burning Man Festival which is celebrated in the Black Rock Desert in the northern Nevada in the United States of America. It was designed by the founders of the Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, just to show that they would not be around as they were attending an art and music burning man festival, in case their servers crashed. They drew a figure of a man on the second “O” of the Google. Everybody enjoyed it and that's when doodling the Google logo was born.

From that time onward, there was no looking back for the Google's doodle. It started as simple drawings and then gradually got bigger and bigger. Later it was designed by the webmaster Dennis who took over from the founders since 2000 and very soon he became the chief doodler.

Now the team comprises of engineers, graphic creators, classical artists, etc. Doodling is open to public too. Anybody with an exciting idea can submit their doodles. Totally 2000 drawings have been drawn since 1998. All the doodles can be viewed on the website The ideas for doodling come from the Google employees as well as the viewers all over the world. We can send in our ideas and doodles to the email address

The team meets every week to discuss and along with this an official review of the doodles are done four times a year with a schedule of 90 doodles. Once they have decided on the 90 doodles, each one of the team members would start working on their topic.

Apart from, there are local Google websites too like for Google India, for Google Russia etc. For local doodles, the doodler is paired with the local Googler in that country's local office who would guide the doodler with their culture, festivals, etc. and the doodler will design accordingly. Before being projected on the web page, it goes through lots of rounds of revisions. Before launching, translations are added. These are nothing but the writings that comes up when we place our mouse on the doodles and then it goes off.

Feedback plays a vital role in the development of the doodles and thus it reflects on the success of the Google's doodles.

Every year Doodle 4 Google contest is conducted in every country. In the USA, 250 state finalists will be selected by the Google employees. Out of which five state winners will be selected by the guest judges and Google's doodlers. From the 5 toppers, one national winner will be selected by on-line voting.

The contest is on for this year, starting from September 14, 2016, to December 2, 2016. The topic is “What I see for the future”. The children can make use of any material like crayons, clay, food items, even graphic designing, etc. The only limitation being the doodle must be around the usage of the letters GOOGLE.

The national winner will receive $30,000 college scholarship.

In India, the contest ends on October 21, 2016. The topic being “If I could teach anyone, anything, it would be”. The winner’s entry would go live on the net for the children’s day (November 14, 2016).

The procedure for entering the contest is by downloading the entry form from the net, take a printout, doodle your imagination on the paper and submit, as simple as that. The form can be submitted either online or through regular postal mail.

Rules of the contest:

1. The doodle needs to be sent along with an official entry form that is duly signed either by the parent or the guardian. If the form is not signed, the application form would be rejected.

2. Only one entry for one student.

3. A school can send any number of entries provided it is from different pupils.

So children, let us doodle and earn a name, fame and some exciting gifts too. Time for doodling!!!

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