Do you know what kind of jewellery to gift your woman?

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Do you know what kind of jewellery to gift your woman?

Choosing the perfect jewellery item to please your woman is a tricky thing.

Women are known to love their gems and are quite choosy in that department as well. They are quite an expensive purchase, so research well before you spend your money on these gift items!

1. A lovely ring of Diamond


Diamonds are always amongst girls’ favorite choices when it comes to jewellery. Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love, peace and are divine.

Fact: Diamonds are the birthstone for the month of April. Select a piece of the carefully crafted diamond ring for your gal and she will never forget this day and nor will your love.

2. Pearls


And the pearls could be the priceless gift for your priceless woman. If you present a necklace made of pearls to your woman, this V-Day it will make a special place for you in her heart.

Fact: Natural pearls are harvested from the Indian Ocean, the Persian Gulf, the Red sea, from the time immemorial.So it definitely makes it the much-cherished jewel.

3. Platinum love bands


This day is really special and so the gift you are giving must encompass its feelings in all manners. Platinum love bands are truly the symbol of immortal love.Platinum is a very precious metal owing to its rarity and availability which renders it the status of prosperity and wealth.You can choose some of the unique design from the jeweler and present it to your mate!

4. Ruby Bracelet


Rubies are unique, in their color and are priceless along with the lines of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. Fact: Its history dates back to the early 200 BC, where the records have been found in the literature of the North Silk road of China. Also the rubies complement with the color of love, and hence you must definitely one of the rubies bracelets to gift your girl this Valentine’s Day. She will love it more than anything else in the world!

5. Ruby Necklace


Rubies find their unique and cherished value in whichever form they are used in. A necklace made of rubies will look elegant on your svelte and sophisticated girl! You do not have to second guess while buying a set made of rubies. The color always seizes the heart of women of all ages.Fact: Ruby is known as the birthstone for the month of July. It is a traditional gift for the people celebrating their 15th or 20th anniversary.

6. Slender Anklets


If you want to choose very slender yet stylish anklets for your girl, making her feel more feminine. Anklets define the beauty of women. A pair of anklets could make her smile more cheerful. A variety of designs and gemstones anklets are available in the market to choose from. And you can choose your pick from them, although remember that slender anklets offer much more sweetness and elegance as compared to the heavier ones.

Fun Fact: Anklets are usually worn by the scuba divers to prevent their feet flowing above water while scuba diving. But their anklets are made up of lead!So you can also enter some adventure into here this V- day..!!What say?

7. Toe rings


Toe rings are the specially designed unique rings for the fingers of the feet. Like from the ancient times, the toe rings were only worn by the married women, however, the fashion industry and the trend that has taken off in the recent years, various stylish toe rings are available in the market and are avidly worn by the girls all over the world.The various unique toe rings could be a sweet gesture from your side to your girl.

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