Do you think there is too much violence on TV?

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Do you think there is too much violence on TV?

Television plays a major role in today's world. People call it as a magic box as it has a lot of information to provide. But it has been called as a stupid box by many. Some people think it's just a time-wasting machine and has nothing to do with improving one's knowledge.

But when it comes to providing knowledge, we cannot deny that television plays a major role by giving us voluptuous knowledge. Sitting on the couch in a corner of the world, one can get all the information about the world. The news channels in the television make a person know about the current affairs in and around the world. The various events happening around the world is also known through the television. Not only knowledge, television also plays an important role in entertaining us by giving some fresh entertainment experience. Entertainment helps a person to release stress and have a good mood.

But with the growing age, the news, and media have become extremely violent. There is too much violence on television these days, but this is not a parameter to stop watching television. Everything has its pros and cons and so is the case with the television. The many benefits of television also come with various negative aspects.

As per the rate of violence is concerned, in today's world, television is loaded with too much violence and negative content to take in. The news channels show several violent episodes happening all around the world repeatedly, which affects the minds of the viewers. This content makes many of the viewers like children give up watching televisions. Parents make this as a criterion as not to allow their children watching these violent scenes.

But the television has much more than violence. Although there are shows that make violent content and are not appropriate to be watched by children, but that should not stop children from watching television. Many informative channels like Discovery Channel, National Geography and History Channel make the children aware of the much useful information. Television is also a very nice medium to get knowledge and even to remember things, as the visuals do make you remember more than reading.

But the fact that too much violence is on the television cannot be denied. The violence presented affects many children in various ways,

Children learn what they see so the television can make young kids imitate the acts they see on the television and that can be dangerous in real life.

They generally get the disturbed state of mind by violence and so can be disturbed psychologically.

They can develop a fear of the real world from the content they watch on the television.

They can develop aggressive nature because of the violence and approve less towards sympathetic nature.

But to all the above problems, forcing a child not to watch television is not a solution. Various remedies can be used in order to make a child watch television in a proper way which will allow them to learn and shed of the negativity.

Parents have all rights to set the "house rules" for their children, so they can easily decide what their children should watch on television and what should not be watched.

Parents can check their children what they are watching on television now and then and can ask them what not to watch.

Parents should make some rules about when to watch and for how much time to watch.

Some contents should not be seen by the children alone, so parents should accompany their children while watching such contents.

Parents should judge the programmes their children are watching by monitoring the show with them and gather knowledge to know if it is appropriate or not.

Violent news shows with repeated negative, violent content can affect a child deeply, so parents should be responsible for making their children watch the news but with proper content.

The current affairs should be seen on television by both parents and the child to avoid any kind of confusion from the child regarding the content and to explain certain things to the child if he/she does not follow up.

Children should not be allowed to watch any offensive or abusive shows.

Anything that is healthier should be watched on the television. Eventually, it will serve a purpose of giving knowledge and information. All the negativity should be avoided as that is neither good for the children nor adults.

All the above precautions can make a child avoid the violence shown on the television these days and the child can enjoy a vast ocean of knowledge and information. It is also very important to make your child practice other habits of reading books and newspapers other than watching television. Watching television for more time can also make a child addicted to it, which is not good. So to make the best use of television it is always good to set some tv rules. Television is a boon and if used properly can serve a lot. But if not used in a right manner, it can make the situation worse. So it is always better to get the good content from it rather than accepting every single thing it offers.

No matter how much violent it is, it should be our choice to watch what is needed and to avoid what is not.

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I think there is too much violence in the USA...we have at least one mass shooting per day sadly...and crazy facistic followers of trump chomping at the bit to physically hurt people they disagree with. In America"gun rights" are more important than the right for its children to stay alive...and cops are allowed to murder and/or incarcerate people of color with impunity. And our drones murder innocents on a regular basis around the globe. TV is just a reflection of American/western morals and values.

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