Does Absence make the Heart Grow Fonder?

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Does Absence make the Heart Grow Fonder?

The absence of a partner in a relationship can be crucial. Your best friend does not come to the school/college or work for a day, and you start feeling that you are the only person alive on the planet. You are sad all day because without them your life is incomplete.

Your partner does not meet you for a day, and you find yourself checking their pictures and their visibility on the social media because you miss them so much that you want to see them in every moment. You life partner has gone on a business trip for two days, and you find yourself dysfunctional. You are not aware of any household activity or what has to be done with the dishes and dirty clothes. Your life without them is completely unimaginable. There is no fun in life without the people we love. 

We are depressed, and our life has no reason to it when our close ones are absent for even a day. What if they leave for an entire week or maybe a month? What if they shift to some other city or country? What will happen then?

It is obvious that you will miss them. Is it really? Does absence make the heart grow fonder? Or is it the opposite? There are two sides to this coin. Some people argue that distance makes the heart grow fonder while some argue that the absence of an individual or an object makes the heart forget them. It depends on the person how they take the situation. A lot of factors decide whether a person’s heart will grow fonder or will it forget.

Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

When there is a distance between two people there are more chances of you falling in love with your partner because it often brings a lot of positive changes in you or you may already have these which make you stay. Some of those factors are -

#1. Fondness

When the person you love is not around you for a long time, it makes you love them even more. The distance makes you want to be with them more than it would when they are close. The time you do not meet the person, you realize how their presence is so relieving for you, so you become more attached to the person. When you meet after a long span of time you have a lot of things to talk about and to share. Whatever happens in your life during the time you do not meet, has to be shared with the person you love and when you are eager to share it with them, then it means they really matter to you because you love them.

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#2. Patience

One of the most beautiful quality you will learn from a long distance relationship is patience. When two people in a relationship whether two lovers or two friends stay in a long distance relationship they learn to become patient. As the distance cannot be covered in minutes or hours, you have to wait for a long weekend to arrive to meet each other, and when the time arrives, you become excited. But the patience you show during that time before the meeting is very long. Waiting for a long time to meet someone you love only shows the kind of relationship you share with them. This patience is then not only helping you in waiting for your partner but also you learn to be patient for other things in life. You have learned that good things take time.

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#3. Value

Distance teaches you to value the things you have today because you never know when that thing may go away from you. Like that best friend who was once living under your roof now and then is now somewhere far away. You have learned their value in your life. Your partner is not around you, and you had realized all the efforts they had taken to make you happy when they were with you. You also start valuing people who are around you now. You love them even more now than ever because you do not get enough chances to meet them.

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 #4. Maturity

Long distance relationship makes you a mature person and a mature partner. You take every decision carefully, and you think twice before making a plan. You have started taking opinions from other people who have been in long distance relationships to know what you should avoid. You make your plans thinking about your significant other because you do not want to keep yourself busy when your partner may be available to meet you. You cannot afford to miss any opportunity to meet them. Also, you have become a good planner because every time your partner comes to visit you, or you go to visit them you plan when and where the date will take place. You plan how you will spend the entire day without wasting any second because you will get the next opportunity after a long time.

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#5 Understanding

You become an understanding person when your loved ones are away from you. You think about them and their needs before you think about your own. You make adjustments and start compromising. Your partner lives in the other corner of the world, so you compromise your sleep to talk to them and vice versa. You let go the invites for parties because you have planned a video date with your partner. You understand when they are not able to talk to you because they were busy. Long distance relationships make you an understanding person.

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Distance Makes The Heart Room To Wander

When the distance between two people increases, it creates a vacuum. There is enough space created for the relationship to destroy itself, and you gradually forget them when various negative factors emerge like -

#1. Trust Issues

The distance does not always make good changes in you. It may also provoke suspicion in your mind. When your partner is not around you, it becomes impossible to keep track of what they are doing. This is when trust issues start coming in your relationship. You find them with someone else in a social media post, and you start thinking they’re cheating on you.

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#2. Disloyal

When there is a distance in a relationship, and when you cannot locate the other person then there are chances of cheating more. Your partner may find someone else more attractive or someone more interesting to hang out with. They may love you, but in your absence, it becomes easier to find some other shoulder to rest on. There is less conversation in a long distance relationship which makes the scenario between two people ambiguous sometimes so if you do not discuss things with your partner, then it may create room for someone else to fill.

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#3. Lack Of Understanding

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand things every time. If you are not an understanding person then your relationship will not take much time to get over. Long distance relationship needs a lot of time and effort to grow just like a small plant needs a human to water it so that it grows faster.

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#4. Forgetfulness

If your relationship lacked love, then you will forget your partner easily. If your relationship lacked love and affection and if you did not spend enough time with each other than the relationship ought to fall.

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#5. Fights

All of the points mentioned above will be enough to pick up little and huge fights, and you fight a lot the relationship gains bitterness which sometimes cannot be removed.

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Every person has different perception so one cannot really know if absence makes the heart grow fonder or not. When you are away from the person you love it becomes very difficult to live without them because everything cannot be shared through text messages or pictures. Some emotions need to be felt and some things should be shared only face to face. You may even share things about your daily experiences but the feeling of someone’s presence is totally different. You can see the person but you cannot touch them through technology so absence can make the heart forget or make the heart grow fonder. When you stay distant from the person you love it becomes difficult to understand a lot of things they may be growing through so one must become an understanding person to keep the distance from ruining your relationship. It may also happen that you get busy in your life so much that you do not find time for the person and you eventually forget them. it can be a grim situation if your partner who is away is making every effort to keep the relationship going. There should be balance between both the partners to make the heart grow fonder. If your partner’s heart is growing feelings for you and you are going away from them then it can be a risky situation. You need to communicate with the partner so that you do not land up in any trouble later on. It is also important to keep promises. If you have made promises to meet them then you should keep it as it is obviously very hard to find time for dates. Loyalty and trust is the key to make any relationship flourish. So if you did all these things already then any distant will not hamper the love you have for each other.

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