Does Rice have Gluten?

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Does Rice have Gluten?

Being health conscious means you have to be careful about a lot of food choices. You have to go through food labels in order to find out which food item has gluten and which does not.

Rice generally does not contain any gluten but if it is mixed or processed with any product that contains gluten or gets contaminated with equipments that were used to produce gluten products, then it is not fit for use. There are number of reasons why people choose to go for a gluten free lifestyle and if the reason is celiac disease or a wheat allergy then one has to be more careful about their food intake.

Is Rice Really Gluten Free?

Simply speaking, yes rice is mostly a gluten free product and this goes for all the varieties which include white, brown, long, short, fragranced and non-fragranced. Though the different types of rice are varied in number, just 100 different sorts of rice are available around the world for consumption.

If you are purchasing unprocessed rice then you can rest easy as that sort of rice does not contain any gluten whatsoever. Though, you have to vigilant about products that contain other components that have gluten in them and are sold as pre-cooked food items. These rice products may not always be gluten free. To avoid using processed rice that contains gluten you can even check the label to make sure it is the right one.

Rice is an important part of a gluten free diet but it is advisable to eat whole grain food items in order to get you the daily dose of important vitamins and minerals. You will find a plethora of options if you are looking for gluten free grains. There is another reason why people are advised to limit their consumption of rice and that is the risk of arsenic consumption.

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Which Type Of Rice Is Gluten Free?

In its pure form rice is gluten free and can be consumed by anyone following such a diet. The whole grain is available in a lot of varieties and each has its own nutritional content and health benefits. Here are some types that are good for a gluten free diet:

#1. Brown Rice

The reason why brown rice is so preferred is that it is packed with nutrition. It contains manganese, selenium, and fiber and due to the fact that it is unrefined, it still retains the bran and germ. This is what gives the rice more texture as well.

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#2. White Rice

This is one variety of rice that is majorly consumed all over the world. It is extremely popular mostly also because it absorbs the taste of which ever food product it is consumed with. Though, the rice in itself is devoid of a lot of nutritional value. In order to give it a smooth texture, all its Fiber and other vitamins and minerals are removed during the processing part.

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#3. Wild Rice

This one is more a grass than rice and is completely gluten-free.

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What is your favorite type of rice? Share your feedback in the comment box below.

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No, Its Not

Rice is not fattening if it is eaten in small portions. It has carbohydrates which help in body building but if eaten in small portions it can add up to the right amount of calories in the body. While having rice, we must have required limited quantity so that they do not affect our calorie count of the day. Half cup of rice has got 103 calories, which is too less to accumulate in any diet plan. Rice has high glycemic index which helps coordinate the blood sugar level. Due to its high index, people who have high sugar are recommended not to eat rice. If proper exercise is done to remove the extra-calories intake, then you can never get that extra mass on your body.

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