Harvard is dropping the LSAT requirement. Will other schools follow?

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Harvard is dropping the LSAT requirement. Will other schools follow?

LSAT or 'Law School Admission Test' is a test conducted globally to get enrolled into law schools in the USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries. The examination provides a standard measure of reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools can use as criteria to select and admit students into their schools.

Harvard University or school of law who is one of the national leaders in legal studies claims that selection could well be made through GRE scores which brings in greater volume competitive students than the LSAT. Moreover, the reading part of LSAT is related to legal issues which cannot be expected from a student who is yet to study law. 

Harvard and Arizona are the only two accredited law schools of ABA(American Bar Association) who think that if students are given admission to their law school on the basis of GRE scores, they would be admitting more brighter students capable of graduating law and perform well as lawyers and barristers.

The sudden fall in the number of student taking admission into Harvard and other law schools after the recession in2008 is another reason for dropping LSAT and admitting students on the basis of GRE scores. They are also of the opinion that when they take students from different educational communities like biology, engineering, science and maths background, they get more talented students for law and leadership.  

Apart from that GRE is offered a number of times within a year as opposed to LSAT which is conducted only once a year and needs a lot of study and preparation. Not only the Harvard but also law schools like Arizona Roger's College has decided to drop LSAT, Other schools may soon follow their footsteps as the number of law schools in the US and other European countries has increased since 2016.   

This decision of Harvard and some law schools to drop LSAT and admit students on the basis of GRE scores will attract more students to law schools in the US and other countries.  

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