Amusing Health Benefits of Fasting

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Amusing Health Benefits of Fasting

To get things in perspective, fasting should never be equated to starvation. Fasting is a willing process of abstention from food for a day or two. While many people believe that fasting is vague and has no health benefits, it is not entirely true.

Fasting is a wonderful thing provided that it is done mindfully. It comes as no surprise that it has gained worldwide popularity, especially in the health community. However, just like everything else, fasting is only beneficial when done in moderation and sensibly.

Here, we try to explore some benefits of the practice that’ll leave you surprised. We also talk of how you can incorporate the habit in your life naturally.

#1. It Helps In Weight Loss

Yes, because of all obvious reasons fasting helps in reducing your weight naturally and quickly. It is also one of the safest ways of weight reduction. If we compare fasting with regular dieting, it allows the fat cells in the body more effectively. It is no surprise that many athletes prefer fasting to lose weight quickly. Fasting pushes your body to the fat as its primary source of energy, thus burning a lot of it in the process.

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#2. It Promotes Detoxification

Now that you know that fasting catalyzes the burning of fat, it promotes detoxification in the process. While fasting, a lot of fat is burned from your body, and thus a lot of toxins are released.

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#3. It Improves Insulin Sensitivity

If your body doesn’t take carbohydrates and especially sugars very kindly, then fasting can help you with this. People have reported that fasting has helped them in increasing their insulin sensitivity, thus allowing their bodies to tolerate sugars better than before. A recent study, in fact, highlighted how fasting forces cells of the body to absorb glucose as part of the natural survival instinct.

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#4. It Speeds Up The Metabolism

Since you’re not eating anything, you end up giving a lot of rest to your digestive system. This, in turn, energizes your metabolic system to burn calories more efficiently. You should consider intermittent fasting if you have a poor digestive system as it can help in giving the right amount of impetus to your metabolism, bringing things back to normal.

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#5. It Ensures A Longer Life

Believe us on this or not, but studies have proven that if you eat less, you tend to live longer. The study noted that the lifespan of people across cultures had an inverse relation to their diet. If you want to understand exactly the reason behind this, then refer to the previous point. Since aging essentially slows down all your metabolic activities, fasting can help in bringing it back to the normal, thus allowing us to live a few more years.

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#6. It Increases your Hunger Drive

If you have an uneven pattern of eating or generally don’t eat a lot, you should perhaps try out fasting. It is impossible to experience real hunger, if you eat in every 3-4 hours. You can only experience it if you stay hungry for more than 18 hours. Since fasting is essentially staying empty stomach for a day or two, it can make you experience real hunger. This way, you’ll end up eating more on regular days.

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#7. It Keeps Your Brain Healthy

There is this protein in our brain called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and fasting is known to boost the production of it. Why this makes a difference is because BDNF activates the stem cells of our brain to convert into new neurons that eventually improve the health of our neurons. This protein also protects your brain cells from changes associated with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

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#8. It Boosts Your Immune System

Let’s look at nature for a while and learn some lessons. When animals feel sick, all they do is stop eating for a while, and that helps them in recovering faster. The same applies to us humans as well. Fasting helps in cleaning out free radicals from our bodies and also stops the formation of cancer cells.

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