Health issues and cures

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Health issues and cures

With the high growth in pollution and hectic lifestyle of people, health has become a serious topic of concern. Wrong food choices and a bad lifestyle full of stress not only makes people weaker in health but also affects their day to day life. The immunity and the strength of today's youngsters are gradually declining as compared to the past.

To certain health issues, some easy home remedies should be known to everyone. These remedies are natural and therefore can be handy and always accessible in the home and kitchen. The natural home remedies are less time taking but making a regular good habit of certain things can help in the long run. The best way to fight a health issue is by preventing it in the first place. As it said “prevention is better than cure”, some common health problems can be taken care of in the first attempt and should be prevented by having a regular habit of clean and healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by avoiding highly processed foods and opting for fresh, green and whole foods like the green vegetables, fruits, nuts, fish, eggs, meat and whole grains. It is always better to opt for home cooked food than going for highly processed sweets and sodas and junk foods like pizza.

One should also include certain types of exercises to the daily routine. A thirty-minute walk a day is better than doing nothing. The habit of walking is very good for health and keeps you active all day.

With all these habits everyone should be aware of following easy remedies for health issues so that an issue can be taken care of before it leads to something big.

COMMON COLD OR FLU: This is the most common issue and almost everyone's face this. To avoid this, certain things can be done. A regular habit of eating two cloves of garlic early in the morning can help in protecting you from getting the flu in the first place. The garlic in winters should be a must in the diet as it provides the body with the required amount of heat and thus helps in keeping body's normal temperature. Adding a green leafy vegetable to the diet also keeps your immune system strong to fight a different variety of bacteria. Vitamin C rich foods are also a great choice to include in the diet. The Indian gooseberries are the best source for Vitamin C. A single gooseberry contains Vitamin C, which equals to ten oranges.

If in spite of a healthy lifestyle you catch a cold, which is very common, try to have a tea, made up of turmeric, ginger and a few peppercorns. To prepare the tea, add some fresh grated turmeric to the boiling water and let it infuse for some time, then add ginger and peppercorn and boil it for some time. Then serve it warm. Honey can also be added to the recipe. This is a great way to cut cold and get a clear throat. It also makes a cough cure from the first stage.

PREMENSTRUAL SYNDROME (PMS): For all the ladies with PMS, life becomes really difficult during the periods. Headaches, backaches and cramps make it very difficult to focus on the daily life. Intaking food rich in magnesium can help every woman to avoid these issues. Green leafy vegetables like spinach are best for PMS. Drinking Spinach and Celery juice every morning not only avoids the pain during periods but also gives you a clearer skin and helps in weight management. The habit of having nuts like almonds for snacks is also very good.

During periods if the cramps still exist, treat yourself with a cube of dark chocolate. The rich Cocoa in the chocolate helps in getting over the painful situation and also balances your mood swings during the time as it’s a mood enhancer and a stress reliever.

STOMACH PROBLEMS: With the market loaded with processed food items, stomach problems are common nowadays. Mainly the problem of indigestion and constipation. To avoid indigestion various teas like Peppermint tea is a great help. The peppermint clears the acidity and makes the system possible to balance the acid and digest the food. For constipation, a regular intake of papaya is very good. The inclusion of fiber rich foods in the diet also helps in curing the issue of constipation. Adding Chia seeds and Fibre rich fruits and vegetables are great to avoid constipation.

PIMPLES AND ACNES: Bad lifestyle and pollution play a great role in many skin problems. But a pimple and acne are the most common skin problems to name. To avoid this try having three to four tablespoons of Apple Cider vinegar daily before meals. It not only keeps your digestion good but, also gives you a glowing skin from inside. To get a skin clear of acne marks apply Apple Cider vinegar on the face and wipe it out with warm water after 15 minutes. This habit can reduce the acne marks if used regularly. Results can be seen in two weeks of regular use.

OBESITY: Obesity is a common health issue and is the root of various other health problems. A healthy lifestyle choice and proper balance of food is the best way to keep obesity at bay. Adding clean and fresh vegetables and whole food to diet is a great way to start a healthy lifestyle. 30 minutes of regular physical activity are a must in order to stay fit and remain active. The inclusion of good and healthy fats to the diet, like oily fish and nuts is a great way to manage weight.

These are few common health issues and the prevention that can be taken to avoid them. Many other issues in health are common, but the most common ones, if checked at the right time can help us lead a better life in the long run. Even the smallest issues of health should not be avoided.

With the proper planning of diet and a good lifestyle, these issues can be avoided and treated in certain easy ways.

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