Hidden toxic chemicals in our everyday life

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Hidden toxic chemicals in our everyday life

We can find nasty and toxic chemicals in almost everything.

There are harmful chemicals in our cosmetics, our computers, furnitures, toys, clothing and the food we eat. Most of the cancers, metabolic disorders and reproductive problems are caused by diet and environmental toxicity. Let us look into the main areas we are getting exposure to hidden toxins knowingly or unknowingly.

Nail polish

The nail polish you apply to your nails contain carcinogenic toxins. So avoid nail polish or at least avoid buying cheaper ones.

Bug sprays

Insect repelling sprays contain toxins like Toluene. It is absorbed into the skin and bloodstream. Instead of sprays we can use insect repellant essential oils.

Candles and air fresheners

We will be watching advertisements in the television about air fresheners and candles, but let me tell you one thing they are high in toxic level. They contain Phthalates, which are carcinogenic to humans. Candles contain paraffin, which is a waste of petroleum industry. It releases chemicals, when burned which is carcinogenic to humans. Do not buy air fresheners. Open your windows instead. Let fresh air enter your home. Decorate your home with fresh flowers.


Most of our illness is related to stress. Our emotions, affect our own body. Excess cortisol and adrenaline leads to excess production of cholesterol. Try to go out for a morning walk.

Your drinking water may contain Chlorine, Fluoride and heavy metals.

Here is how we can avoid toxic in our everyday life:

-Try to use natural cleaning products in your home.

-Try to eat organic. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Have your tap water tested. Avoid processed and packaged foods. They contain chemicals such as BPA. Choose grass pastured dairy products. Avoid using foods which have artificial colours.

-Buy products that come in glass bottles and avoid plastic. Avoid food which is wrapped in plastic. Use glass bottles for your baby. Avoid usage of nonstick pans. Use glass or ceramic cookware. Filter your bath water as your body absorbs more during bathing. Filter your drinking water. Switch over to organic cosmetics and shampoos. Do not use Vinyl curtains.

-Women hygiene products like tampons and napkins also contain toxins.

-Antibacterial soaps contain Triclosan. So things which are too good are also too bad. This chemical can disrupt the hormone and metabolism.

-Toxic substances are found in branded laptops and cell phones too.

-And finally stay away from toxic people in your life.

Choose a healthy life!!

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