How does one get out of a toxic relationship?

279 Views Updated: 25 Jul 2018
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I'm in love with a person who is affectionate when we are together, but he hardly ever finds time for me.  I feel I am the only one giving in all the time in this relationship, I am the only one who compromises. I've cried in front of him once because I missed him and he said I was weak, all I needed was a hug... I feel like I'm not a priority, I feel totally the opposite of who I am - I've become needy, begging for any amount of time together, waiting beside my phone for a text, depressed and full of anxiety, at times not even wanting to be alive... 
I won't call this a toxic relationship, but there seems to be a clear communication gap between you two. It seems like he doesn't get your needs and that makes you feel unwanted in the relationship. Have a heart to heart talk with him and if he still doesn't get it, then maybe it is time for you to move on! 

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