Age Of The Internet: 10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

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Age Of The Internet: 10 Ways To Increase Website Traffic

In an era of technological advancements, where the internet has taken center stage, it is no surprise that more and more businesses are turning towards using it to boost their sales. You can go ahead and ask any marketer of what he wants, and the answer will always be ‘more customers.’

Perhaps, with the internet, it has become much easier for businesses to reach out to more people through their website. However, it is not as easy as it seems. Just like you, there are millions of other websites on the internet. So, the major question arises, as to how you can drive more traffic towards your website. After all, the more the traffic; more the sales. Having a huge traffic on your website is always a great thing as it can do wonders for your bto your business.

If you’ve always wanted to know how you can boost your traffic multifold, we’ve got you covered. From the usual social marketing to more complex things, we discuss it all. Take a look:

#1.Advertise On Social Media

Let’s begin with something very obvious. From the old billboards to modern ads on websites, something that has been very crucial for the growth of any business has been advertising. It helps you reach out to so many people who are a part of this internet world. You can discover an entirely new demography to sell your products to. All this, however, will only happen when you advertise your website on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Yes, it is going to cost you some money, but every penny you spend on advertising your content will be of much worth later.

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#2.Get Social

You can not have a good website, without having fantastic content in it. Yes, advertising is important; but what will people see when they click on your ad? This is also very crucial. Along with advertising, you have to make sure that you promote your content on social media. The advertising bit helps in attracting, whereas the content will help in engaging your audience. More engagement means more time spent on your website, and this is wonderful for your website and ultimately your business.

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A research showed that around 75% of the people on the internet don’t read the entire content. However, 90% of the people do respond to catchy and irresistible headlines for the content. So, what can you do if people are not reading your content? You can write catchy phrases in your headlines to grab some eyeballs. Trust us; this is one of those little things that you should start doing from today. See the response to your website after that. Start getting creative with your headlines.

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#4.Optimize Your Site For SEO

In a world that is dominated by Google, you have to make sure that your website looks as good as possible for the search engine robots that will be crawling your website. We understand that all this might be a bit too technical to understand. To make things easier, download SEO tools that will give an instant report of your website and all the areas that need considerate improvement to rank better in a Google search. This is perhaps one of the most important things that you should keep an eye on. To know more about the best SEO tools, click here.

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Everyone who uses the internet uses an email too. Emails are an excellent tool for driving traffic towards your website through the utilization of a newsletter. Make sure that you have an option to opt for your website’s newsletter. If a user subscribes to your newsletter, then he will receive daily or weekly updates from your website directly in their email. This way, it becomes easier for people to remember your website and it also ensures more returning users.

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#6.Blog And Blog

With personal experience, we can tell you that blogging does help in driving huge traffic towards your website. If you blog twice a week, try blogging ten times a week, and it will guarantee you around 300% of an increase in your traffic. However, only blogging is not enough. Remember what we discussed in the second point? Make sure you promote your blogs on all the social media platforms, especially Facebook and Twitter.

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#7.Become A Contributor

You should consider becoming a guest writer at some other website. By contributing to other sites, regarding blogs or even insightful comments, you can drive massive traffic to your website. Yes, this is something that doesn’t give you instant results. However, if you’re persistent enough in this, you will get a lot of referral traffic, and you’ll surely start seeing the difference in traffic slowly and steadily. To contribute to someone’s website, you need to have incredible writing skills and an equally amazing content. The more you write, the better you’ll become, and you’ll attract more people.

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#8.Invite Others To Blog On your site

Just like you can write for someone else, you can ask other people to guest blog on your website too. Referral traffic is a huge sphere of the entire traffic and tapping into it is extremely crucial. The people who come and write on your website are likely to share it on their page and this way you can get a lot of referral traffic. However, just like the previous point, you need to be patient with this as well.

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#9.Internal Links

Like people may find your website’s links outside of your website, links that link back to your website within your website are also very crucial. This way you can engage more people and also allow them to be on your website for longer times. Try linking all the content on your website as this is also a proven way of increasing traffic.

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#10.Mobile Friendliness

Let’s end all the debate by the rendering of your website. Of all the people who use the internet, 80% of them surf the internet on their mobile phones. Do you remember waiting for more than 30 seconds for a website to load? There is your answer. Make sure your website is highly efficient with quick loading times. For that, you need to keep an eye on the image sizes you use on your website as they can substantially hamper the loading time of your website.

So, there you have it. One thing which is for sure is that, in today’s world, you need a solid website to be successful in your business. Make sure that you use all the above techniques as they are sure to increase your website traffic manifold. Tell us what you feel about this in the comments below.

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