Does Your Dog Fear Thunderstorms? Here's How You Can Help

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Does Your Dog Fear Thunderstorms? Here's How You Can Help

Isn’t it heart breaking to see your dog overhauled by panic during thunderstorms? Even the most well-behaved dogs tend to pant, pace, hide in a corner or cling on to their owners during or even before a storm has hit.

Leading on to suggest that if you live in a thunderstorm-prone area and own a dog whose behavior during the thunderstorms troubles you, then explore these simple ways to pacify your pet.

#1. Calm Your Dog

Dogs often sense storms before they hit and panic if there is an impending calamity. Do not wait for the thunderstorm to hit you. If you see your dog panicking, Take it upon you and comfort it by either raising the sound of the TV or the music to distract them from hearing the loud noise of thunder. 

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#2. Keep Calm

Your dog can sense anxiety. Thus, if you start to panic or feel upset, your dog will get hassled and make it worse for you. Behave like you would in any typical situation. This will comfort the pet.

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#3. Rest In A Safe Place

Find a small place for your dog to hide so that it feels safe. It would be ideal if it can hide someplace away from the light and noise. Under the bed or table, or closet would work fine. You can also hide with your dog in the bathroom if it has no windows.

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#4. Swaddle

The best way to calm your dog during a thunderstorm is by swaddling it. Wrap it in a cloth and let it huddle under your arm. You can also buy a special anxiety jacket for your dog to wear during thunderstorms.

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#5. Drown The Thunder

Keeping the noise out can help you calm your dog down. Loud television, music, or any other source of noise like a washing machine which can out-loud the sound of the thunder can comfort your dog. At times, covering the ears of the dog can also prove to be beneficial. Keep your dog away from the windows and doors, and cover those with blankets of thick curtains.

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#6. Distract Your Dog

Participating in indoor activities and playing games can help you drive your dog’s attention away from the thunderstorm. You can play fetch or put on some music to dance with your dog.

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#7. Seek Medication From Veterinarian

Try using home remedies to calm your paw-friend. If that proves to be ineffective, you can talk to your vet about anti-anxiety medication for your dog. You can administer amitriptyline to your dog during the stormy season as it has been observed to be effective. Besides, if you seek for a quick cure for its anxiety during a thunderstorm, you can try diazepam or acepromazine. For better results, administer these drugs before your dog starts to exhibit any changes in its behavior. Although, never administer any medication without consulting the vet first.

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Through your comments below, tell us other ways through which you can keep your dog from panicking during a thunderstorm.

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Distracting Its Attention
I think my dog is pretty strong already, but, I will take care of him by distracting his attention.

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