How to date a Sarcastic Person?

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How to date a Sarcastic Person?

A sarcastic person is one who remarks on an ironical way to mock or convey contempt towards a person or an object. Sarcastic people make jokes in such a manner that the other person sometimes does not understand that they have been mocked. Has that ever happened with you? You asked your best friend about how you look, and they made a very sarcastic comment at which you laughed but realized a moment later that you were mocked. This is how sarcastic people treat you. They can be really notorious and be scoffing when they speak. Any person who is sarcastic is really difficult to handle because they are compelled out of their habit to mock you all the time. The way you speak, the way you walk or even the way you are can be the topic of their sarcasm which can sometimes poke you. Your sarcastic friend ridicules you in front of others, and it becomes a cause of embarrassment for you. Well, you can always ask your friend to tone down a bit. They will understand your concern, and even if they don’t, they are your friends. It is their right to mock you in every situation.

But what if the person you like is also a sarcastic person? The person you are going to date is a sarcastic person and you don’t know how to deal with them. Sarcastic people will flirt with you through their sarcastic comments and you will not even know that they are flirting with you. So, how to know if a sarcastic guy likes you? Let us know some things before you date a sarcastic person.

#1. Sarcastic people may make a nasty comment but they never mean it. It’s their way of showing affection. They will make fun of you unknowingly thinking that they are complimenting you.

#2. What they say may be totally opposite to what they feel. They may say that they hate you but they actually mean that they love you. Sarcastic people are very good at heart but the way of expressing their emotions is different from normal people.

#3. They will always mess with you. Sarcastic people love to mess with the people they love. They find excuses to mock you and through the mockery they actually find an excuse to talk to you. Messing with you is just another expression to remind you of their love for you.

#4. Texting them can be a difficult job. Sometimes it is hard for you to decipher the meaning of their text. Their messages are sarcastic all the time and you do not get to know what they really mean by them. And when you do not know what their text means then you cannot send an appropriate reply to their text. So, texting can be hard in their case.

#5. They always win the arguments. Sarcasm is the power they have and they always use it to win every argument. The last word in the argument will always be theirs and their words are usually the deal breaker. They are witty and they come up with witty comments which you do not understand and you always feel like you should not reply. Hence, they win the argument.

Now that you know how your sarcastic partner will behave you can start planning how you will handle them. How will you flirt with a sarcastic person? How to date a sarcastic person?

#1. Participate

A sarcastic person always wants to be in the company of those who are witty and sarcastic like them. They really love their sarcastic skills, and when they find someone who is equally sarcastic as them, they feel they have found the perfect match. So, if you want to impress your sarcastic date, then you should participate with them in their sarcasm. Make it a fair game. Do not let them feel lonely or feel that they are weird. Even they want to impress you, and they will come up really sarcastic pickup lines.

#2. Retaliate

When your partner or your date makes a sarcastic comment, you should also make a sarcastic comment in the reply. They will love it when you challenge them in their own game. Show them that you are not any less and that you can be sarcastic as well. Your partner will be more attracted towards you when they find out that you are witty and smart like them. We all get attracted to those people who are intelligent and witty. Bring your game forward and show them who you are.

#3. Learn Sarcasm

In order to equally participate with your date’s sarcasm, you need to prepare yourself first. You need to gain the sarcastic wisdom through books, television shows or magazines. Start watching those shows that have sarcastic dialogues or start reading novels and magazines for the same. You cannot become witty in a day just by deciding that you want to be one. You will have to learn it. You can also learn a few sarcastic comments to make in front of your partner to impress them but do not over-do. They will catch you if you are unable to come up with more sarcastic comments.

#4. No Offense

The rule of dating a sarcastic person is that you should take no offense. Your partner makes mean or sneering comments about you, but you should not take offense. You should know that a sarcastic person will make such comments and they do not mean them so you should not get offended. It is their habit, and they really can’t stop themselves. They make such remarks thinking that you will not take any offense because you know how they are. They do not mean any harm to you.

#5. Ignore

If you get offended by something or if you think that they are exceeding their limits, then you should ignore them. Give them a silent treatment, and they will automatically realize that they have said something wrong. You do not always have to be a part of their joke if you do not feel like it. The relationship is about both the partners, and you do not have to do something that is not your cup of tea. Ignoring a remark can be the best thing you do at that point otherwise it could lead to a fight.

#6. Tell Them To Stop

In case you feel that your date or your partner has crossed their limit, then you should stop them then and there. Your partner will not know that their comments affect you until you tell them that they do. So, stop your partner the moment you feel that the situation is slipping out of your hands. Tell them whatever offended you and they will not repeat it next time. We have known it that sarcastic people do not mean what they say and so they do not want to hurt people. Let them know where they should stop and till where it is fine for you. 

#7. Correct

If you get into an argument with your date and they make comments that are wrong and do not support the situation and the topic of debate, then you should correct them. They will not mind if you correct them. You can tell them that their comment was silly and inappropriate. You should not allow your date to dominate because of their sarcastic skills. Your date can use their skill to win an argument because they know that you will not be able to come up with a better remark and probably you will leave the conversation. But you should not give them an opportunity to win by taking over the situation in your hands and using your own debating skills.

#8. Appreciate

You can make your date feel better by appreciating their sarcastic skills. You can compliment them in the form of an insult. This way you will be complimenting your partner sarcastically. Sarcasm is not easy. It needs knowledge and wit, so a person who is sarcastic wants to be praised for it. You should praise them by telling them that they are really good at it.

#9. Support Them

A sarcastic person uses sarcasm to make the other person feel low, and by making the other person feel inferior, they make themselves feel intelligent and superior. Sarcasm works as a coping mechanism, and such people tend to have low self-esteem. This is why you should support them. Make them realize that they can be better by improving themselves and not by making the other person look bad. It is necessary that they start learning to appreciate themselves more than comparing with others as a comparison will bring a feeling of inferiority. Sarcastic people can be very mean at times but they are good at heart, and they always make you laugh your heart out. They deserve to be supported and loved by you.

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Dating a sarcastic person can be very tricky. You cannot de-code what they say and
they mean. You cannot do anything stupid in front of them because they will
always be ready to mock you. The problem is that they will not mock you in a
closed room. They will make fun of you in gathering of people because they just
cannot control their sarcasm. My partner and I were in a gathering of around fifty
people where I decided to get dressed in a beautiful black dress. My partner being
my first critique and a sarcastic person made a comment in front of all the people
the moment he saw me because he could not control himself. They are bound to
speak something sarcastic and until they don’t spill it out they will not rest in
peace. My partner being a sarcastic person once told me “I would want to have a
sarcastic epitaph over the gravestone when I die”. A sarcastic person takes pride in
their sarcasm and they consider themselves the wittiest. And why should they
Sarcastic people are more smart and successful. Many researchers have found
that sarcastic people are more intelligent and creative. They see right through the
situation before making a remark. They make good critics because they are very
good at analyzing the situations and they can easily make out the faults and
loopholes from anything. 
The sarcastic people have sharper brains because making a sarcastic comment
that is difficult for other people to understand at first needs the brain to function
harder. So when a person is making a sarcastic remark it means that the person is
using their brain. The brain keeps on practicing sarcasm and with practice it
becomes sharper.
These people are good at problem solving. They do not give up when great
problems come up in their lives. Their ability to analyze situation make them
better problem solvers. They will tackle the issues like how they make sarcastic
comments, in a snap. 
They are extremely social people. They do not stand at a corner waiting for
someone they know to arrive. These people will always be found in the centre of a
group surrounded by the people laughing at their jokes. Everybody likes a person
who can make good jokes and can make people laugh. Their sarcastic comments
make them look attractive and it becomes easier for them to woo people.
Why are they always laughing? Sarcastic people laugh because they do not care
about what other people think about them. They have thick skin and anybody
else’s opinion of them does not matter. They have the power to attract people
they like and cloak themselves from the people they don’t. The secret to
happiness is ignoring negativity and promoting optimism. This is why they lead
happier lives.
All of the traits that sarcastic people exhibit are responsible for a successful life. If
you have a sarcastic person in your life then you must be very fortunate to have
them around you.

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