How to Date an Alpha Male?

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How to Date an Alpha Male?

Women feel so hopeless when the unworthy men take all the control they don’t deserve in a relationship. However, an alpha male is the epitome of everything a girl looks for. A true alpha male will evoke the submissiveness from his partner. An alpha male doesn’t have to show or intentionally throw his authority, it automatically happens. This kind of male is known for their on the spot decision making power and competency. They can be easily trusted. Though there are a lot of men who pretend to be an alpha male, beware of them. However, their history says everything. They have no past of competency but instead, have a pile of failures and wrong steps. 

The best way to establish your own way of power in a relationship with an alpha male is to take care of him and make him want for more. You should become his sensitive place to land after a hectic day. You should be his nurture and receiver. He wants to feel swoon as he has earned it his whole life.

An alpha male these days is a species which is endangered. Moreover, the concept of ‘radical’ feminism has made it so difficult to acknowledge one. Radical feminism is all about making the women as the superior creatures, though feminism is about creating an equal environment. It has made men pretty much confused about their responsibility, position, and role. Therefore if you are witnessing an alpha male, you really need to know a few things before you start dating him or during dating him. If you have a plan to date him for more than 10 minutes, you need to be extra careful. First of all, if you have turned his head around, you should feel privileged and pat yourself that you are capable enough to do it. Though, that makes you an alpha woman.

What Is An Alpha Male?

The alpha males are born leaders, and that is their natural streak. They do not beg or even demand to lead or take control, but they eventually do. He possesses exceptional power and an impactful identity. Whether he is an introvert or extrovert, it will be natural that people and even power ooze him. Not just women, people in general fall in line for them. 

The alpha males love challenges and adventures. If they are around anywhere, there is no question to ask that who’s leading? That becomes so obvious just with their presence. He is the one who foots the bill. More than being adventurous, he needs it for himself. An alpha male is cunning at times but extremely smart, charming, intelligent and innovative. Though, it is also said that some of the alpha males are immensely good lovers as they very well know how to put someone to advantage in a relationship. However, if your alpha male is playing such a good role, you should too. Alpha males are attracted towards the exact opposite of themselves. Now let us consider what all should you do to date an alpha male efficiently:

#1. Full Power Feminism

In the case of alpha males, it is very necessary to pump up your feminine power in front of them. Alpha males are usually not attracted towards the exact opposite of them or masculinity; that is obviously the simplicity of femininity. Therefore it is the time to kick your girl power in the highest gear. Femininity is all about the charm of the alluring beauty of women. This is what the alpha male craves for. Know your man’s weaknesses and take charge with your femininity in such situations. The beautiful elegance of feminism is hard to ignore for an alpha male.

#2. Let Go Control Sometimes

In order to have an alpha male in your arms, you need to stop controlling for some time. Alpha males, as we discussed are born and natural leaders who very naturally tend to lead. They will be very turned off if you would want to lead all the time. Of course, you should and can keep your opinions in front of them if they are making you extremely submissive. However, they don’t look for a woman they can have a battle with. He never wants to complete with his traits of being an alpha male. Therefore, he looks for his exact opposite in the other sex. Since he looks for his counterpart in masculinity, you should let go of control sometimes.

#3. Be Warm And Delightful

This also comes in the subpart of being extremely feminine and poise. A huge part of feminity and feminine charm is being enjoyable and delightful. Since he is always concerned about achieving the best, he wants to simply enjoy and make memories in the time he is spending with you. Being delightful and charming will a major plus point in order to date an alpha male. Be friendly, easy, and fun as he will definitely adore and love your playful side. Enjoy all the moments you spend with him. Love, laugh and make the most out of that time. Alpha men really fall for the women who can make them feel great about themselves.

#4. Respond Always

It is very good news if an alpha male has asked you out, go out and have fun. However, taking initiatives with an alpha male will not be a super good idea. If you will take initiatives to ask him out, buy movie tickets for him or book a dinner table, that will be the very negative thing for your dating. These all are alpha traits, and that is his department. He would love to lead and fix everything. Therefore, thankfully your job will be only to respond and enjoy wherever he takes you. Let him be the in charge of anything he wishes to, and you can sit back and have a good time in his company.

#5. Follow His Lead

Alright, we have probably discussed this enough. However, it is the natural trait of an alpha male to control and lead everyone. In order to date him, you will have to follow this trait. Of Course, you can ask whatever you want to but they enjoy leading in every situation and even in a relationship for that matter. This is the most important tip to date an alpha male as they are attracted towards the female who happily follow them. It does not mean you should give up your power but use your feminine power instead.

#6. Being Patient Is The Key

Dating is not anyway easy. With an alpha male, however, it becomes more tricky. An alpha male might confuse you and he might leave you thinking a lot. That is why you will have an urge to know everything that is going on his mind. But the patient is the key for pinning an alpha male. Patience will teach you to know the traits of an alpha male, and then you won’t have to squash that urge bubble because you will know your alpha male very well.

#7. Explore More

If you have found your alpha and confident man, he might introduce you to explore a lot. If you date an alpha man, you will definitely experience different places, ideas, and adventures. Try and hold his hand in every new and fresh experience. All the thrilling experience will add a fresh essence to your relationship. If you are in a relationship with an alpha male, you will have to be ready to have all these new hobbies and interests. His new world will be full of discoveries of passion.

#8. Find Dominance In Bedroom

The most important tactic that you can use with an alpha male is to dominate him with your charm in the bedroom. If you are sexually attracted towards him, you can lead him to the bed. All alpha males want to find their safest and calmest place in their partner. They want to stimulate themselves mentally and physically when they are in a relationship. With considering his limitations and desire you can dominate on the bed and make them the submissive one finally. Use your beautiful feminine charm here as well and get to the work with making your alpha absolutely stunned and surprised.

#9. Communicate Clearly

Communication is the major part in dating an alpha male. You really don’t need to shy away from anything in order to have a conversation with your alpha partner. You can tell him what you find attractive in him or something negative (of course if you can find something). You can freely tell you an alpha male that what you find the best about the relationship and what to do to make it even happier. Alpha males enjoy communicating, and they are attracted to chivalrous behavior. You should and can express your delightful experience with him.

These were a few tips to date an alpha male. Let us know your thoughts about the same in the comment section below.

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An alpha male seems to be an ideal man for women. However, a submissive woman can only date an alpha male. I don’t believe that a strong headed woman or an alpha female herself can date an alpha male. They are dominating and love to lead, whereas a strong woman will never tolerate unnecessary dominance. Therefore, I personally might get attracted to an alpha male. But dating? Nah. it a man is strong and successful, he should let his girl do whatever she likes. If a male is all about leading and dominating then a woman who has been independent and open minded will not work with her. Of course, there is no two ways that the alpha males are extremely strong and leaders in themselves because they have earned their status. However, dominating a woman you love is not a great idea according to me. A relationship which can have both the people having equal status is what an ideal relationship should be. Moreover, an alpha male as the article discussed is a rare species. If any day you find one, will he seriously be that easy to date? I seriously doubt it. They are born leaders and that comes natural to them. They love challenges and adventurous.  They love to lead and make their partner follow them. There are so many complications with them. Moreover, a woman who is ready to give anything in a relationship will only be able to date an alpha male. Basically all you need to be is feminine and epitome of grace and beauty. There are women like that a lot. But there are also women who love to lead their life by themselves and does not enjoy following only their man. It could be a difficult for such women to date an alpha male.

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