How to Deal with Friends Flirting with your Girlfriend?

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How to Deal with Friends Flirting with your Girlfriend?

Are you okay with your girlfriend getting the attention of your friends? Or do you feel like punching the bloody face of your friend who constantly flirts with your girlfriend? We all know that friends are meant to take each other’s case from time to time, but do they cross the line when they flirt with your girlfriend?

But is being jealous or insecure the correct solution? Or should you be perfectly cool with your friends flirting with your girlfriend? Most of the fancy women magazines will tell you to ignore these douche bags, but there are times when you need to man up and make it clear that you are not happy with such behavior.

Before we discuss the ways of dealing with such awkward situations, here are some things that you should avoid doing when your friends flirt with your girlfriend.

Friends Flirting With Your Girlfriend

#1. Do Not Initiate A Fight

We understand that your blood boils when you see that jerk flirting with your sweetheart, but hold your horses. However difficult it may be to resist, do not start a fight with the guy. This will only worsen the situation. And also, girls do not like guys who lose their temper too early and indulge in quarrels and physical violence. You need to prove to her that you are mentally and emotionally stable and can handle such situations with grace.

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#2. Never Blame Your Girl

Your girlfriend has no share in attracting other guys. If your friends flirt with her, that is because they find her beautiful. She has nothing to do with it until she is cheating on you. Do not unnecessarily blame her for things that she has no role to play in.

#3. Do Not Be Authoritative

Your girlfriend is your partner, your better half, not your property. Just because she is with you does not give you any authority over her. She is not an object of ridicule on which you can claim your authority. If you are furious to see your friends flirting with your girlfriend and you have decided to address the issue, never ever tell him that she is Your girlfriend, instead, say that "We are Together."

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Such words will deviate her attention from the other guy and will make her come back to you.

How To Deal With Friends Flirting With Your Girlfriend?

Now that you know about the don’ts of when you are stuck in this situation, here’s how you can deal with friends who flirt with your girlfriend.

#1. Get Your Girlfriend’s Opinion 

First and foremost, a relationship is about two people who agree to share their feelings and express their thoughts to each other. Every relationship has its own share of hiccups, and while your mind is pondering with unclear thoughts, it is better to speak about them to your girlfriend.

Respect and value her views on your thoughts. It’ll help you get a clarity on the situation.  

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There are chances that she too is not comfortable with the over-friendly gestures and constant look of your friends but is not able to talk to you about it. Discuss whether she wants you to intervene in the matter and talk to the guys about it. Or if she thinks that she does not find any problems, then there is a possibility that you are just overreacting. Stop thinking about it and let your girl enjoy her time.

#2. Try To Bridge The Gap 

If you are actually insecure about your relationship, demonstrate your love for your girlfriend. Occasionally hold her hands or link her arms to ensure her your love. Give her an affectionate kiss on the cheek or her tender lips to express your happiness in the relationship.  

Your girlfriend is proud of you and appreciates your affection towards her. In times of need when your girlfriend’s not happy with the stares, give her a tight hug or a peck on the cheek or tell her that you love her dearly.

#3. Talk To The Guy 

If you and your girlfriend both comply that your friend is wrong at flirting with you, politely ask him to stop staring. If the guy is decent enough, he’ll immediately stop staring. If you wish, ask your girlfriend to do the same. If you think your intervention is unnecessary, then let your girl handle it. She’ll surely do it without creating a scene that you might not be able to avoid.  

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#4. Laugh About It 

Every couple has their own sense of humor; some laugh at the lamest jokes while others are just Sheldon about it. If you think that it’s fun that your friend flirts with your girlfriend, just keep the atmosphere light. Just laugh it off because you know that your girl is not interested in any of them to even the slightest level. Taking it in a fun way might be a good idea as it’ll save your relationship and your friendship at the same time.  

#5. Get A Grip Of Yourself

However secure or healthy your relationship be; jealousy is natural to happen. You know that your girlfriend loves you but as soon as you see her 6 feet tall, terribly handsome crush walking that door, your jealous meter just pumps up. A little jealousy is great for your relationship but too much of it will lead to unnecessary drama. If you get stuck in such an uncomfortable position, just control yourself. Take a few deep breathes, sing a song (to yourself), sip your drink, maybe shake a leg and just let it go. Do not let the world know that you are still insecure about your relationship because of your goddamn pretty girlfriend.  

#6. Trust Your Girlfriend 

One of the most important things in a relationship is trust. Once you are all in, you are all in. Trust yourself and your girlfriend. Do not ruin it for the both of you because of some jerk popping his eyes at your darling. Threatening him or losing your temper will only make your girlfriend feel disheartened. Let her enjoy her moment because she knows she’ll come back to you.

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#7. Ignore The Guys 

If you do not wish to initiate a fight or display your insecurities, it is best to completely ignore him. Instead of getting upset, jealous or furious about it, you just stay calm and mind your own business. Your girl is well-aware of what’s happening around her, and she’ll get rid of it in her own sweet ways. Do not bother yourself by pondering over useless thoughts.  

Just relax and enjoy your evening. Just grab her by the waist and show some moves to that scump. He will surely get the hint.

#8. Acknowledge Your Girlfriend’s Beauty 

If being jealous or insecure is not your cup of tea, then better not even think about it. You know that your girlfriend’s hot and she deserves the attention to bask in the afterglow. Let her enjoy her moment. Redundant poking will only steal her thunder away. Instead, appreciate and acknowledge her beauty. Compliment her on her dress or her hair that beautifully cascades on her shoulder.  

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Brag about the fact that you get to be the one walking hand in hand with her and not your friends who only get to flirt with. As long as you and your girlfriend are well-aware of each other’s view, nothing else in the world matters.  

Do you think that it is difficult to deal with guy friends flirting with your girlfriend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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