How to Get Over your First Love?

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How to Get Over your First Love?

How old were you when you had your first love? You were probably a teenager when someone had swiped you off your feet. The world looked surreal and dreams looked more real. The day wouldn’t pass without a sight of the person who had the charm to raise your heartbeats. The first romance brings tons of ticklish feeling and giggling without reason. The faces of both the birds in love remain red and days and nights are spent thinking about each other. A person spends most of their time with their first love creating some deep memories hard to forget. But as time passes by, the dreamy love turns into a terrible reality. Mostly, first love does not end as expected. The young love was immature and childish. Growing up is a realization that first love was an experience teaching how an ideal relationship should be.

It can be really hard to get out of the first relationship, really painful to get over first love. The memories hunt down the person every time they find a moment. Initially, the person walks down the memory lane reviving all the sweet memories they had with their first love and when the thought enters their mind that things are no more the same they become sad. Whatever they do, it reminds the person of their first love because they did everything with them. Dinner nights, first dance, first kiss and first walk alone midnight. Everything reminds of the first love and when they see other couples enjoying each other’s company, the person gets even more sorrowful. This sadness continues to haunt them for months and years. They say that first love can never be forgotten. We say that those people did not try. Obviously, you cannot erase the memory of a person from your mind but you can always get over them. One can always forget their first love because their first may not be the last one. It is very rare to find someone who gets to live their entire life with their first love because there are reasons that first love may not live as long as you expect it to. 

Our first love, first decision, and first everything is just an experience, a trial to see how things go. The first time a baby stands up to walk, he falls because he does not yet know how to take the first step securely without falling. The same way the first love is a first step where a fall is confirmed. A high level of maturity is required to keep a relationship going, a lot of knowledge about the world and the right attitude for a relationship which is absent from the first relationship. The person does not know what is right or what is wrong with them and when the realization appears then the relationship falls. No matter how important and practical the decision is of letting go, it is still painful. So, how do you forget your first love?

#1. What Life Taught You?

A person who wants to get over their first love should examine the past. Examining the past will show what the relationship was really like. Was it worth it? Could it be called love? Or was it infatuation? The person when looks into their past, they understand how the relationship affected their lives and how the life could have been without the first love. The answers will be disappointing as well as comical but the person will understand what the whole relationship meant. Surely, the relationship gave you a lot of good memories and cherishing them is the best thing a person should do. Forgetting a person or getting over them doesn’t necessarily mean that you start hating the person. Forceful hatred will not help to forget a person, it will only suggest you that you do not deserve a bad person. Hating someone means blaming the person for what they are not which is unfair.

#2. Fall But Don’t Forget To Stand Up Again 

We often trip and fall. Bruises and wounds leave a mark on the skin and they take you back to the memory of the fall. It is okay to fall but do not forget to stand up. The day you fall do not lose hopes. You did not break your bones; your faith got broken. But it can be mended if you fix the faith in yourself. Your faith in yourself will not let you fall, and in case you do it will help you rise without fear. The first love was a fall but if faith permits then you will be able to stand up stronger, and you will be able to accept what happened. When a person falls on the ground, they do not blame themselves, but they blame the ground. The ground must have been coarse and some object might have hit, but it could also be that the person was careless which led to them falling. It becomes very important to accept your fall and the cause of the fall to lead a guilt-free life and to get over your first love easily.

#3. Live Today For A Better Tomorrow

Past is something that has gone and that cannot be changed. The future, however, is in your hands. We all have the power to change our future by working towards it today. The more you allow your mind to wander in the alleys of the post the more the ghosts will haunt you in the future. Why not avoid strolling in the streets of past and start walking the streets of the present. What we mean is that the more you will think about your relationship, the more it will affect you. So why not think about something that is happening right here right now. The moment you are living is more precious than the ones you have lived. Those moments are one and their validity is over. But yes you can enjoy the ones that are about to arrive. Focus on the present so that you do not regret living them tomorrow.

#4. Run Before Your Body Runs Out

The most effective way of dealing with an issue that has put a strain on the mind is to run not away from the situation but run in the morning. Going for walks will not only make the body healthier but it also allows the mind to get fresher thoughts and get rid of the old ones that trouble you. Statistics have shown that running helps in reducing depression by 19%. Moreover, running has the ability to reduce the risk of breast cancer by 35% and heart attack by 50%. What more benefits can a person hope for by merely running every day? The body will remain fit, the mind healthier making it uncomplicated to get over the first love. Something to have in your schedule to keep busy and a quicker sharper mind to tackle such demanding thoughts, running can benefit in so many ways.

#5. Your Family Is Your First Love

During childhood, our parents were the only people we were dependent on and a single moment without them was difficult. Parents are the first love and as the child grows up, he gets detached from them. The person takes their life ahead and finds someone they thought loves them the most. The person leaves them or they leave the person because things did not take the right shape and what is left is despair at the end. The person does not trust another due to the fear of another relationship failure but why do they forget that someone else is there in this world who loves them more than anybody can. 

Know that no matter people stay in your life or not, your family will always be there. This is the time that you express your love for them and tell them how they have been right all the time. Spend time with them and your family and friends will show you the right way to love and to live.

#6. Do What You Always Wanted To

Every person has one bucket list where they have written everything they want to do in their life. This is the most appropriate time to take the list out and start doing all of them one by one. You want to go cliff jumping, paragliding or you want to get a successful career, just go ahead with it. Start planning and writing down the improvements that you had made up till now and start writing any improvement you make from today. You will observe the amount of improvement you make now will be more than the improvement you had made when you were in a relationship.

#7. The Lost Treasure

A relationship can be very demanding. The partner could have asked you not to practice something uncommon that you were interested in like bartending or athletics. People leave what they want to do because their partner does not approve of those activities. It is the time that you allow yourself to take control of your life and find the lost treasure you dug somewhere to make your partner happy. You could start practicing your hobbies that you could not pursue because you did not get time away from your first love. These interests and hobbies are the treasure a person holds because they carve a person’s personality from stone to sculpture. The hunt for the treasure transforms the person into a newer version of their self, forgetting their older life.

How did you get over your first love? What did you do after your breakup? If you like this article, then share your views with us through the comments section below.

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