How to Jailbreak an iPhone?

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How to Jailbreak an iPhone?

iPhones are a wonderful piece of technology. When you hold one in your hand, you know that you have in your possession a marvel in the field of technology, and you tend to hold it forever.

Having said that, the one shortcoming that almost all Apple devices- iPhones, iPads and MacBooks face alike is their limited ecosystem and almost non-existent end-user customization. Their inability to pair with devices outside their ecosystem and the impossibility to tweak configurations definitely takes away some points from it.

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Amid this, jailbreaking comes out as a viable option to make full use of the great hardware and software of Apple devices. Jailbreaking, as many believe can help in truly the real beast that exists under the chiseled hood of iProducts. But, what is it? And does it really help to steal a march on your device? Let’s find out:

What Is Jailbreaking?

You know that when you buy an Apple device, you’ll be forced to follow the rules dictated by the company. Apple has the control of what apps you can install, and even which carrier you can use on your device. To jailbreak an iDevice, simply purports to break free of the company’s restrictions on its products. Jailbreaking an iPhone lets you run programs and other applications that have not been sanctioned by Apple. However, these apps can exploit the full potential of the wonderful technical specifications of your device. Think of all the wonderful operating systems that you can use in your Apple devices that along with making your phone look good, will also enhance its real-world performance.

Jailbreaking is an interesting concept, and we understand you would want to know how-to do it yourself. We’re here to tell you how you can jailbreak your iDevice.


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How To Jailbreak An iPhone?

Well, it is unfortunate that jailbreaking is not possible on Apple devices anymore. It was possible with the older versions of iOS, but now that iOS 11 is almost upon us, jailbreaking seems like a foreign prospect. Apple’s R&D team has made it sure that their devices can not be jailbroken, by hook or by crook. However, following the way Apple has released its future updates, we don’t really feel there’s a need to jailbreak your iPhone.

Should You Jailbreak Your Device?

Having made it clear that you can’t jailbreak a device that is running iOS 10 or higher, chances are that you still have iPhones running on older versions of the operating system. So, the major question is, should you jailbreak your iPhone? Well, we would urge you not to. Jailbreaking was once a wonderful thing to happen to iPhone users, but not anymore. In fact, the people who first introduced the concept have now left it, and some have even taken up jobs at Apple to prevent it. Jailbreaking exposes your device to malicious viruses that can surely squeeze the life of your aging device.

So, there you have it. Have you ever tried jailbreaking your iPhone? Let us know in the comments below.

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