How to move up the career ladder?

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How to move up the career ladder?

Are you ambitious?

Do you work hard and dream big?

Do you have what it takes to get to the top?

It may be harder to wait out a promotion when the internet offers all the alluring job offers at the click of a button. But the move has to be well-planned and long-term oriented.

High-paying jobs don’t fall out of the sky. Don’t just oscillate between job switches, ploy your next move wisely.

Here are some key strategies guaranteed to fast-track your move up the career ladder:

Design your career map

Destinations matter - decide where you want to be. We live in a DIY generation where career opportunities are surfed through the web and potential employers are contacted via social media. Design a customised blueprint or a career road map and check if you’re meeting the targeted milestones from time-to-time.

Make your boss redundant

Make yourself indispensable and your boss redundant. Step up. Be responsive. Offload work tasks from your boss and ask for more responsibilities. Think, talk and act a level above your current profile. Needless to mention, go-getters will always stand a higher chance of a promotion.

Invest in training and education

Don’t limit yourself to the job description. Expand your knowledge base. Build your skills and keep learning. Ask yourself if you’re qualified or trained enough to take on the next big project. If your answer is negative, then enrol yourself for formal education or on-the-job training sessions from superiors within the company.

Maintain a record of your accomplishments

This a handy weapon. Keep a track record of all the accomplishments of the year. This will come in convenient for the performance review.

Practice self-promotion

Humility and modesty may not be the best merit at a workplace. If you don’t showcase your achievements, you won’t get ahead. Even if you receive a mail of gratification from your client, make sure that your boss notices. Sell yourself to the promoters and make sure you’re known for your performances.

Work your charisma

Charisma can get you hired. If you were born with it, you know how it works. However, if you’re uninformed, it’s a skill that can be honed. Build up your charismatic quotient. Dress for success and use your charm to enhance your likeability meter.

Lateral moves can be good moves too

‘Up’ need not be the only direction to move in. Lateral moves are good moves too.

But you don’t want it to be simply a merry-go-round. Plan your lateral move strategically in a way that prepares you for the next best role. Traditional companies have fewer rungs. Making a lateral move that can give you the best of both, without having to quit the company.

Develop and leverage your network

Develop your network. Network - outside your department, outside your company, with partners and business influencers. Establish yourself as the go-getter and know when and how to leverage your network.

With these seasoned strategies, start practising and get ready to see your name featured in the next promotional cycle.

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