How to quit smoking? Easy Tips for quit Cigarette Habit

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Since when have you been smoking? How many cigarettes do you smoke in a day? Why do you smoke? Why haven’t you quit already? We are sure you must be bored of hearing out all these questions if you are a smoker. But we are glad to know that you have finally decided to quit and that is why we are all in to help you in the same. Our writers took a great deal of time to come up with some feasible options that will aid you in taking the first step towards quitting smoking.

#1. Firstly, you need to be sure about what you are about to do. Quitting smoking does not come easy for those who have been addicted to it for long. Keep your head clear when you make such big decisions. Do not take these decisions in haste or out of impulse, because you’ll surely fail to succumb in such cases.

#2. Tell your closed ones about your decision. The people you are usually surrounded by are obviously aware of your smoking and will surely help you in getting out of it. Tell them to keep reminding you and have you involved in other activities so to avoid thinking about smoking.

#3. Keep munching on snacks you like. Go back to school days when your blazer’s pocket used to be filled with cashews and almonds which helped you survive the pre-lunch cravings. Keep them handy whenever you crave to smoke. Much on a few to keep your mouth busy.

#4. Make a list of things that have tempted you to quit smoking and put it in place from where it is visible. The reasons are usually strong such as health, family, career, love and reminding yourself of them repeatedly will make you stronger.

#5. Try some herbal tea whenever you crave for a smoke. Herbal teas work great in calming your mind and bringing peace to your body. Slowly sipping your tea helps you fight against the stress of not being able to smoke.

#6. What if you get a dime each time you ceased yourself from smoking? Quitting smoking can benefit you financially if you start storing the money you spend on buying cigarettes the whole day. You’ll be motivated each day when you look at the jar filling up.

#7. Staying away from things that remind you of smoking will help you keep diverted and not smoke. Throw away all the old packets of cigs, lighters, and matchsticks that might incline you towards smoking.

#8. There’s no tomorrow when you finally decide on quitting smoking. Do it today, or it will never happen.

We hope these easy methods are doable and motivating. Start taking these baby steps and feel the difference.

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Smoking, if becomes an addiction can make you vulnerable to it. However, it is possible to quit smoking as well. Though, it is certainly not an easy task, but possible, don’t worry. All you need to do is stay positive and confident about quitting smoking. First of all, make a plan that how you are going to make it work as it is indeed a difficult task to deliver. Keep yourself busy and occupied in something else so that you can divert your mind from there. It is basically in the mind because you have a hand to mouth movement. If you will replace it with having something else, you will easily be able to give up on smoking. Also, you need to avoid the triggers that arouse the need to smoke. However, don’t forget to stay positive in all this process. Also, if you need help, ask for it.

The best and the easiest ways to quit smoking are:
#. Think positive
Quitting smoking will have adverse effects on your mental and physical health. Just keep your thoughts positive and know that’s happening for the better. Think about all the good thing that’ll happen to you once you quit smoking.
#. Prepare yourself
Make a promise, set a date and stick to it. Quitting smoking will need a lot of patience and sincerity. Just keep telling yourself that you won’t even have a single drag and stick to it until your cravings buzz off. 
#. Keep a check on your diet
Is your after-dinner cigarette your favorite? Foods like meat make you smoke more, whereas fruits, vegetables and cheese make the taste of cigarettes horrible. So if you plan to quit smoking than swap your food. Instead indulge yourself in doing the dishes, or cleaning up the table, anything that keeps your mind off smoking.

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