How to take a Relationship Slow?

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How to take a Relationship Slow?

Everyone needs to nurture their relationships. A budding relation blooms into a pleasant and fragrant one only when we treat it with love, care, and affection. Relationships bring a lot of responsibility and pressure with them. These days, people do not understand the true meaning of a relationship and rush into one without giving it a second thought. The crazy infatuation makes them excited and pushes them to go fast in a relationship. In the initial phase of a relationship, people feel like devoting long hours to their partners.

Your relationship must tick all the right boxes to get sealed with permanence. Making decisions carelessly and hurriedly in a relationship is never a good idea. There are some corners in our heart which make us fly but we should always be a little slow and sensible when it comes to relationships. There are times when we find it difficult to curb our emotions and limit our desires but a good, pragmatic and a well thought of decision can save us from getting stuck in a mire.

How To Take A Relationship Slow ?

Every relationship is different. Some relationships end on a sad note due to nonchalance, insincerity, and unnecessary haste. One should always be patient and think of the consequences one's decisions can have on the future of the relationship. People need not take quick steps but continue a relationship in a slow and steady manner so that it can take its natural course. Let us understand how can we take a relationship slow:

#1. Spend Time With Yourself

Learn to spend time with yourself. It is essential to realize the importance of spending some quality time with oneself and enjoy one’s presence. You should not be a burden for someone. If you understand the fact that it’s you who is the most important, you will not cling to your partner. You understand your own worth in this manner. Also, when people spend some me-time, they also start acknowledging their existence, choices, preferences, etc. and become aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

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After spending a significant time with yourself, you will get to know what you really need from a relationship. This will help you to have realistic expectations from your partner whenever you will get into a relationship. It is utterly futile to run in a relationship without having clear expectations and desires. Take your time and give yourself a much-needed break and ponder over your feelings.

#2. Be Honest

If you are looking for a long-term relationship or relationship worth some value, you will have to be honest. Wear your heart on your sleeves. Share your true feelings with your partner. If you keep wearing a mask, your partner would be unaware of your true character and this might cause problems in future when they get to know this. Do not hide things and be honest. You don’t have to cook things up and give excuses time and again. Be true to yourself and your partner.

Do not try to make things go fast by telling white lies to your partner. Over time, people know the real you. Go slow in a relationship and aim for an honest relationship. 

#3. Always Consider The Outcomes In Mind

Slow and steady wins the race. This holds true even in relationships. Do not be too involved in a relationship without considering the results of it in the long term. Make sure you know what lies ahead for both of you. Some people often go that extra mile and become too serious and it becomes really difficult after a point of time. So, discuss with your partner if he or she is willing to invest in the relationship for long. Some people get into a relationship just to have a fling. 

If you are a teen, you need to be extra cautious so that it doesn’t affect your life in any way. This stage of life is very crucial as you have to make other important decisions as well. Therefore, it is always good to be slow in a relationship and let things unfold naturally.

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#4. Set Boundaries

If you want to ride slow on a relationship, you need to set boundaries. Please keep a check on your emotions. If you become excessively attached to your partner, you won’t be able to do without them. Therefore, it is very important to set clear emotional boundaries as it can lead to grave ramifications if not taken care. One should also not take hasty decisions when it comes to getting physical with your partner. In a romantic abandon, people make love and regret it later in their lives. Have clear thoughts on these aspects from the very beginning. You cannot expect your partner to understand at the eleventh hour, so make sure you tell him or her during the initial stage of your relationship to avoid any possible friction between both of you. Making fences is necessary for relationships. If you don’t have borderlines, you will end up doing something in a hurry.

#5. Communicate With Your Partner

A two-way communication is very important in a relationship. People fail to communicate with their partner on a regular basis. They hold grudges against each other. Instead of this, one should try to talk to his or her partner about the relationship. Plan things and check if he or she is interested or not.

Disagree with your partner when you feel he or she is wrong. Do not accept whatever they say. Moreover, learn to compromise. You can compromise in certain situations. It is also important to stand by your words if you feel that you are right. However, avoid taking any decision in the heat of the moment and try to go slow.

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#6. Do Not Be Too Possessive

It is very natural to be a little concerned and insecure in a relationship but one must not be over possessive even in a slower one. Give your partner the required space and also do not let him or her invade your privacy in any way. You should not ask them to limit their time with friends and family and should oppose when they ask you to do the same in any manner whatsoever.

When we become too possessive, we start doubting our partner and the credibility of the relationship gets lost. Therefore respect, each other and cherish every bit of the relationship instead of worrying over petty issues. If any doubts surface on your mind, you can directly discuss with them and look for a solution. For instance, if you are dubious about someone who is flirting with your partner, take it casually and talk to your partner about it. Do not ruin things for yourself out of jealousy or nervousness. Being too possessive can spoil your chances of a healthy and long relationship.

#7. Enjoy Outings But Do Not Pressurize Yourself

Taking a relationship slow doesn’t mean you cannot have fun. Go for lunch and dinner dates with your partner to know them better. Let your hair down and enjoy your partner’s company. When you spend time with your partner, you become au fait with their taste. You can know each other quite well during such fun moments.

Going out and relaxing is fun but do not do it under any sort of pressure. If you feel like going out, rejuvenate yourself, if you don’t tell him or her directly. You need not be someone else with your partner.

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#8. Hang Out In Groups

Involve others too in your life as in hanging out with your friends, watch a movie, go out on a lunch date with them etc. When you have your friends around you, you feel more lively and comfortable. Ask your friends about their opinions and consider them while you take the next step in your relationship.

Arranging get-togethers will help you connect with your friends better and your partner will know what kind of people and environment you prefer. He or she might make efforts for you. Your friends can let you know how they see you as a couple and that might motivate you to give some time to your relationship. Our friends can help a great deal when it comes to relationships as they are mostly of our age group and can understand us in a better way.

#9. Be Self-disciplined

You need to have a grip on your emotions and feelings. If someone comes to you after a month all of a sudden, you should maintain a good distance from them. Keep such people at an arm’s length as they are bad for your sense of being and your future.

Do not have high expectations from your partner. Go by the motto that you won’t date someone immature and silly. It might not be visible on first few dates but you will make out how the person is, slowly and gradually. So, you can pause and call it curtains immediately.

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Now that you guys know how we can take a relationship slow, do you have anything to share with us? Please let us know in the comments section. We would love to hear from you.

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