How today's job search is different from the past?

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Nowadays, the Job search is very diversified then it is before because of several reasons:

  1. Now technology is reaching out everywhere so recruiter and other job's platform using this as their own advantage.
  2. These days, you can find a new job portal in the market every month.
  3. Since technology is scattered everywhere as it becomes easy to reach out to people whereas, people in past used to go visit company to company for the jobs.
  4. Those days are gone when people used to search for the jobs in the newspaper, magazines and visited the company.
  5. Nowadays, people use to open their mobile app, search for the job and upload the resume.
  6. If the position matches the requirement then HR will call them for further procedure.
  7. Resume is not just a paper anymore. The people will upload the resume online.

Advantages of technology

  1. Time-saving, cost-effective and faster
  2. Both candidate and HR can fix the meeting on Skype
  3. Remove geographical barriers
  4. It creates transparency 


  1.  Creating competition
  2.  If you are Receiving a lot of application that means you could end up with the candidates who don't fit in the jobs description. 
  3.  The total number of unqualified candidate is the biggest disadvantages of online recruiting.

However, in the coming years, the advancement of technology plays the beneficial role to recruit people.

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Today's job search is totally different from past.In the past you have to go individual company for the interview by reading advertisement in newspaper but,now the scenario is totally changed there are so many job portals are available in which you have apply by registering in them or uploading your resume, employers went through your resume and call you for the interview.

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