What type of political system should your country have?

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What type of political system should your country have?

Countries across the globe have different system of governance. While some are under communist rule other follow presidential form of governance. India is an exception though and can take the credit for being worlds biggest democracy.

Democratic form of governing gives equal space to divergent opinions and people are able to express their opinions without fear. India being a democracy is a guiding force for world and has been able to showcase itself among the world community.

So, is India’s form of governance the most suited for a diverse nation as ours. Below we list some of the advantages of living in a democratic set up which gives ample opportunity for all to express their feelings without fear of repression.

a) Good governance method

Since the government chosen by People has the power, governments are usually inclined to take decisions which suit the interest of common people. Given the diverse topography and culture of India, democratic governance seems best suited for India as discussion in democracy always leads to decisions which favor common people.

b) Judicious decisons

The common interest of people is taken into consideration while taking important decisions. This would not be possible in other forms of governance as they do not consider people as supreme.

 In a democratic set up voice for opposition is always considered and all decisions which impact the people are taken after due deliberation.

c) Democratic set up

The voices of those opposing the ruling party are always heard in a democracy.  It is only when majority of elected representatives agree to any amendment, the same is implemented. The ruling legislators also take decisions which are in favor of common people since they have to face people, every five years.

d) Multiple decision channels

Courts also have a major role to play in a true democracy. This is not the case in a communist set up like China or military controlled nations as Pakistan. Courts can always overrule any decisions which they fear are likely to cause some concern among common masses in the country.

It can be said that democracy is best suited for India and has resulted it in becoming a powerful nation in the Indian subcontinent.

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