Is Yahoo still relevant as a Search Engine?

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Is Yahoo still relevant as a Search Engine?

Yahoo, was once the most relevant search engine if you go on to ask the 90s teen. They, other than yahoo messenger and yahoo mail relied on nothing. Google was far from their sight and Facebook was still to be born. The most popular search engine "Yahoo" came up with the distinguished idea of the messenger where people used to chat with different races all across the globe.

Regardless of the possibility that Yahoo is no longer top-positioned for inquiry capacity, in the 2017 era, the site still attracts faithful guests on account of email administrations, recordings and other substance. I personally believe that yahoo has some amazing users who rely on some its capacity holding traits. Like its infinite storage capacity in the mailbox.

Yahoo was previously a pioneer, it was here before Facebook and Google. It was here before we messaged, tweeted, or snapped. Considering how these things have evolved in the recent years, yahoo still remains my personal choice. I am still using it for mail purpose. Its place in the historical backdrop of the Internet is in some ways solitary. It was for yahoo that some people encountered the web.

A bigger number of Americans still get their news from Yahoo than from other real news outlets. As per a review discharged in November 2016, 47.3 million Americans went to Yahoo-ABC News sites in September 2016 contrasted with 41.5 million for CNN and 32.2 million for the Huffington Post.

My view states that Yahoo still holds the firm root of the internet in its hands although the popularity has been greatly affected due to Google. Still, most of its faithful users rely on it.

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