'PAL V' Flying Car Ready to Drive

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'PAL V' Flying Car Ready to Drive

Many of you would remember that popular science magazines in 1960’s had covers depicting flying cars. No one would have thought that this concept could become a reality in another 60 years.

The breaking news is that PAL-V, a Dutch company is now accepting pre-orders for Liberty vehicle which the company considers to be “first certified commercial flying car”. The car which operates on three wheels comes with a retractable rotor mounted to its top. This gives it a look of a mini helicopter rather than a complete car.

However, as you can both drive and fly this car, it is indeed a flying car. Though people interested in buying the same might have to wait a while, yet the base model for this flying car has been priced at $4000, 000. If you are interested in buying the pioneer model of this car, it begins at $600,000. This version will have all the luxuries including power heating, electronic flight instrument display and all the fancy detailing.

The wait is going to be long for the pioneer model since only 90 of these are to be produced in the initial months. The specifications will also amuse you as it is likely to have 100 mph top speed while on the ground and 112 mph when it is airborne. The concept testing has been going on since 2009 and it is planned to be launched by end of 2018.

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Yes, it will be a revolution.

Off course flying car will be a revolution in the field of science and technology. Though limited people will only be able to afford it because of its unaffordable price but its really going to be an achievement in the department of technology. 

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