Pros and Cons Of A Live-In Relationship

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Pros and Cons Of A Live-In Relationship

A live-in relationship is an alliance between two people who wish to step into it for many different reasons. Some might be enthusiastic about it because they feel that they’re truly and madly in love with their partner, while for some it might be a way to get to know someone they like and take a decision that has a deep and meaningful impact on their life.

Having said that, assuming that a live-in is just what your relationship needs can be hugely wrong. Just like any other relationship, a live-in is a complex relationship, and it can cause calamities if handled the wrong way. However, we all have to agree that live-in relationships make us extremely happy. We get to wake up next to the love of our life and get to do much together.

A live-in relationship can be wonderful and bring a lot of stability and happiness in one’s life. Let’s try and unravel the pros of a live-in relationship:

It Gives You More Time Together

As we grow older, love really takes a back seat. We set ourselves out to explore new ventures and attain professional success. Amidst the rat- race, and commitment towards our work, we often get caught in our busy schedules, and it becomes really difficult to make some time for your partner. This, however, is for people who do not live together. For people who are in a live-in relationship, you don’t have to worry about spending time together. 

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You Get To Know Each Other Better

Yes, you love each other and go out on a lot of dates. However, have you ever thought that a date or two would only allow you to know each other partially? But, you don’t have to worry about that if you are in a live-in relationship with someone. It allows you to be with your partner 24* 7 and in this way, you get to know every little detail about the them. You get to know them for who they really are.

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It Is Financially Viable

Let us all for a moment just acknowledge this fact. No matter what kind of a relationship two people have, being financially stable is a major contributing factor for being happy. That being said, this is one of the greatest benefits of being a live-in couple. You guys don’t have to pay for your individual bills, rather you can just choose to share and later split. This way you can share your house rent and split your grocery and phone bills.

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You Know If You’re Compatible

No one just steps into a relationship right after the first date. We understand that the decision to live with each other is very well thought out and comes at a later stage in your relationship. However, a live-in is perhaps not the last step in a relationship, but it can serve as the perfect precursor to marriage. You get the opportunity to know if your partner is the right choice for marriage. It is perhaps the perfect way to explore your compatibility with your partner and know if they’re ‘the one’.

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You Can Have More Intimacy

When we say intimacy, we mean pretty much all kinds of intimacies possible. You spend a lot of time together, and the fact that you really love each other will drive you towards getting intimate with each other on many occasions. You don’t have to plan your dates or ask friends for a place to get private. You can have all that right in the comfort of your own bed.

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Well, as they say that there are two sides to every coin, live-in relationships too are not exempted from that fact. Just like it bears a lot of benefits, it comes with its share of misfortunes as well. Let us now take a look at how a live-in relationship can do more bad to your relationship that good:

It Might Kill The Excitement

As someone rightly said, too much of anything can be harmful; in the case of many live-in relationships that seems to be the case. A couple gets to spend a lot of time together, and as a result of that by the time they reach the point of getting married, there is no excitement left, neither in them nor in their relationship. It takes away all the little surprises that might come your way if you guys don’t get to meet a lot and eventually just make everything seem bland. If it doesn’t do it before, it still has the potential to kill any excitement after marriage.

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It Might Cause Legal Issues

Unlike other casual relationships, live-in relationships can have dire consequences even after they’re over. The chances are that you and your partner might have invested in something together and after you guys break up, you have to do rounds at the court and fight for the possession of the same.

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It Might Get Claustrophobic

There might be times when you just want some time for yourself, but, being in a live-in relationship doesn't allow you that. Living with the same person 365 days a year might end up making you feel claustrophobic. You might eventually even want out of the relationship. Tensions might develop between the couple and can result in the breaking up of the relationship.

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So, there you have it. As we saw, live-in relationships come with their own share of happiness and miseries. Nothing is a lost cause if taken care of and live-in relationships are no different. And, if it is successful, then it will surely give you unparalleled joy and happiness.

What do you think of live-in relationships? Would you prefer being in one or do you wish to stay away from it? We would love to hear from you in the comments below.

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