Why she Flirts even After Being Committed?

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Why she Flirts even After Being Committed?

"What if I am committed - You, sir, are very attractive! Therefore, I shall stare at you. "

Have you ever felt like a magnet to women who are seriously committed towards their relationships? She must have asked/ taken you out, ditched her man just to spend time with you and passionately flirted with you. But on the first place, why would a woman flirt at all if she’s deeply involved with her guy?

Well, here are 10 reasons why a woman flirts even after being in a committed relationship:

#1. For Her, It's Harmless

For some, the entire act of flirting isn’t at all a big deal. They regard it as harmless and a fun filling activity. Similarly, she just enjoys it as a good practice and may not get attached towards you. For her, this keeps the conversations entertaining and going. Things just go a pleasant way!

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#2. Reassurance Of The Ability

To flirt with someone really takes guts and is a skill that cannot be mastered by all. The skill set can be applied differently to each new person. So, flirting while being in a serious relationship can sometimes just be to reassure her capabilities. It can also be termed as an insecurity that arises the need of testing whether the person is still; attractive enough or not.

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#3. She Isn’t Trustworthy

Though a majority of women are very much reliable. But a few are unfaithful! They can be deceiving yet feel absolutely nothing wrong about it. If she respects and loves her man, she wouldn’t sense any desires to flirt with other men.

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#4. She’s Just An Attention Seeker

Yes, some girls just require more attention than other. There’s no harm in wanting a little more. She could be the one who craves for staying the center of attraction every time. Male attention could be what she’s looking for along with numerous compliments, favors, and affection.

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#5.She’s Not Happy About Her Relationship

You don’t have to be the plan B if she’s not satisfied in her relationship. You can lend a helping hand whenever she really needs. But you don’t have to keep fulfilling her list of requirements. Her current situation might be emotionally unbalancing. But your energy needs to be saved for finding your ideal partner. Maintain a boundary setting that doesn't let any situation turn awkward.

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#6. She’s Genuinely Getting Inclined Towards You

Well, if that’s the case, best move from your side should be to shift out of the triangle. Don’t be the third one supplying her with all the missing ingredients in life. If you two are meant to be together, you’ll anyway get along even if it’s years later!

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#7. No Excitement In Relationship

There could be nothing serious or critical in her current relationship. It could just be a monotony that’s weakening her relationship. The freshness of her relationship might just be evaporating, and there you are showing her the light of novelty!

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#8. She’s Just Making Him Jealous

This is a reality. She might just be making her guy jealous, and you would never come to know. For some women, jealousy is a way of bringing out their man’s caring attitude. Or she might just be testing him. So, one way to stop this act if you genuinely don’t want to reach any further is to ignore and walk away.

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#9. Maybe, It’s All In Your Head

At times, some women are just over friendly, and the men perceive it as flirting. She’s not even going towards that direction; it’s all just in your head. She could just be a little polite and helpful. But the guys assume her personality to be flirtatious.

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#10. It’s Adventurous

Sometimes things that are supposed to be wrong might just become exciting when you do it. Doing things that are erroneous gives a rush of endorphins. It’s not only fun but electrifying for a few ladies to do what they aren't reckoned to, just like men!

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So, there you have it, men! Ladies too are humans, and all they need is just a little more entertainment. If her flirtatious nature gets beyond a level, there needs to be a serious discussion about why it’s happening. But at the end, why you are being flirted with isn’t the answer, how you deal with it is.

Share with us your opinions and experiences. We would love to hear from you!

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Depends On The Relationship Rules

If your partner doesn't mind.. you can go for it!! Afterall, to some extent, there's absolutely no harm!

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