Sandra Bullock And Her String Of Controversial Affairs

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Sandra Bullock And Her String Of Controversial Affairs

Hollywood’s Miss Congeniality, Sandra Bullock, began her career in acting decades ago and has been giving outstanding cinematic performances ever since.

Apart from her movies, Bullock has managed to stay in limelight due to her controversial relationships, mostly with her co-stars. Here is a list of some of the controversial relationships that Bullock had been into:-

#1. Tate Donovan

Sandra Bullock started dating Tate Donovan, who was her co- star in the film 'Love Potion No.9'. The couple was said to be engaged. However, their relationship didn’t last long, and marriage went off the table. The unforeseen breakup ignited a major controversy despite Bullock’s explanatory statements thereafter.

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#2. Keanu Reaves

Sandra Bullock’s relationship with Keanu Reaves had been a rumored and controversial one. It is said that it was during her relationship with Tate Donovan that Sandra Bullock began dating the actor Keanu Reaves. However, the relationship was never confirmed by the two actors.

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#3. Troy Aikman

A rumored relationship is quite controversial in itself. Back in 1995, Sandra Bullock was rumored to be dating a Dallas Cowboy, Troy Aikman. However, their relationship was never confirmed and it is still in question if the two were actually dating.

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#4. Matthew McConaughey

Bullock dated another one of her co stars, Mathew McConaughey in the year 1996. However, they broke up after two years of dating, sparking fresh controversies. The couple was said to be on good terms even after the breakup. Sandra Bullock later expressed that she didn’t see herself finding a relationship that would last.

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#5. Bob Schneider

Hollywood’s Miss Congeniality dated Bob Schneider, who was a local musician back then. While the couple made a failed attempt to keep the relationship low key, Bullock was often seen at the backstage at Schneider’s gigs. Eventually, the couple split up after two years. Well, at least it all turned out well for Bob Schneider who got his song featured in Bullock’s movie Miss Congeniality.

#6. Ryan Gosling

In the year 2001, Sandra Bullock began dating the actor Ryan Gosling who was 17 years younger to her. The unconventional relationship ended up sparking major controversy. However, the relationship came to an end in the following year as the couple was finding it hard to maintain a long distance relationship.

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#7. Jesse James

The most controversial relationship of Sandra Bullock had been with Jesse James. Bullock even tied knots with the 'Monster Garage' host in the year 2005. However, five years later numerous women claimed to have had an affair with James. As a matter of fact, the host then issued a public apology to Bullock. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in a divorce.

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#8. Chris Evans

The couple ignited the dating rumors when they were first seen together in West Hollywood. However, the couple never titled their relationship by confirming the rumor despite the fact that Evans confessed having a crush on Sandra Bullock.

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