11 simple ways to make money

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11 simple ways to make money

Hey there! Life is very hard these days and especially if your pocket money is not at par with your expenses. The only answer you get when you ask for money from your parents in a gigantic NO. So, here are ten simple and interesting ways by which you can make money and make your dreams come true. 

1. Sell your knowledge
There are a lot of students out there who badly and sincerely need someone who could help them with their studies as their grades speak for their brains. If you are an A+ grade, then go ahead, become a tutor and earn money.

2. Part time jobs
Taking up a part-time job after school is not a bad idea. Hunt for jobs which fit your profile and you are good to go. You can also hit on online part time jobs. There are many companies who post online part time jobs for students. 

Keep a track on Google and apply for them time to time. Make sure to make a strong resume before applying and DO NOT send the same resume for all the job applications. Change the resume as per the needs of the job.   You can register on various sites where they help you find a job like monster.com etc.

3. Online survey
You can take up online where jobs where you need to voice out your opinions and you will be paid for that. You need to take surveys and get paid. There are companies who put on surveys so that they can improve their products. Search for them on Google and get registered. After you are registered, they will send you to survey invites via email if you are interested in taking the survey of you can decline the invitation.

4. Sell your scrap
If your house is a mess and needs a thorough cleaning, then this is the right time to make money. Gather all the scraps like empty bottles, containers, old newspapers, etc. and sell them to a vendor who deals in scrap.

5. Sell your furniture and decors
Apart from selling scraps, you can also make money selling old furniture of your house or the old decorations which have been put on your walls for ages. It can be a statue, a painting or even your old clothes, shoes and accessories. You can post pictures of it on your social media or sell them to a vendor.

6. Content  writing
If you are a writer, then this is the right time to start making money. Sell your words and earn money. There are various websites who need fresh and talented writers to write blogs for them and pay a decent amount.
Step 1- Google
Step 2-register
Step 3- earn

7. Web designing
Web designing is one of the most sought after profession among teenagers. Nowadays, our world is running on websites. Each and every company or an individual who wishes to set up a business or even teachers have their websites but everyone cannot afford to have high-level professionals. So you step in, design a website for them and bang on.   This requires a bit of qualification and studies but it is worth it. 

8. Babysitting
If you love babies or you love money to go ahead with babysitting and earn money. This requires a lot of responsibility and patience so be sure before getting into this. If you have siblings at home try on babysitting them first when your parents are not at home then jump onto others.

9. Youtube
You love YouTube; I love YouTube, and we all love YouTube. So go ahead make your videos on any possible topic on earth and get rich. Not necessarily you have to hit 100000 subscribers and 7000000 likes. Even if you have 1000 subscribers and 7000 likes you will be paid. What’s the harm in giving it a try?

10. Driving
I know it is hard to believe but there are people who cannot drive or at least not allowed to drive as they don’t have a driving license. Look out for them. Start from your locality. Give them a drive and get paid. You can also drive the students of your school on your way to school and charge.

11. DIY (do it yourself)
There is a great demand for handmade items. If you love doing art and craft and want to make some money out of that then go for it. Make your things and sell it online.  

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Awesome list. Thanks for sharing this article. Here are some more ways of making money tip.


Yes !!!!! it will teach them responsibility , plus their own money to spend.  

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