From teen to adulteen!

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From teen to adulteen!

Teenage is the most crucial time in life as all hormonal changes in our body occurs at this time.This phase lasts from thirteen to nineteen. Children who fall under the age group of eighteen to nineteen are called the 'Adulteens'. At this phase, teenagers slowly step out of their teenage life and mold themselves into a responsible adult.

Various behavioral changes are seen at this phase like, sudden anger, hyper reactions, rude behavior, seclusion from family, starting of menstruation cycle for girls, etc. It is also called the ’adolescent period’. If dealt properly, teenage can make you or break you forever. Ways to deal with teenage problems varies from society to society.

Agree with me or not we all had high hopes and plans when we stepped into our teenage life with sparkles in our eyes but as we grew up, we came to understand that teenage is not how it seemed to be in movies. The same happens with the following generations.Teenage life is getting complicated generation after generation and our society cannot keep pace with it.  

Parents fail to understand the needs of their children and the children fall into the trap of bad habits like drugs, smoking, drinking, etc. Unrestricted exposure to the internet is also one of the major threats to teenagers as they spent the maximum of their time either on the laptop or phone. They fail to understand that the internet is not the solution to all problems. Though it is very useful that completely depends on how they chose to use it. To top it all, there is a constant peer pressure. Thinking abilities are handicapped, and they do everything to fit in the circle of ‘cool friends’.

Friendship becomes subjective and materialistic which eventually makes them hollow from within. Teenagers are often seen getting involved in immature and unprotected sexual activities. They lack sex education and exposure to unrealistic sex shown in pornographic sites adds to the problem. And we can never forget those parents who are always drenched in concern for their child. Well, the word ‘concern’ is very wrongly used in this context. Their only concern is in the gossips and whereabouts of other children and their marks. They fail to understand the qualities of their child, constantly pressurizing them to run in the rat and of course win it by hook or by crook. Apart from these, broken families, financial disturbances, an unhappy atmosphere at home, lack of morals, etc. makes a huge impact on a teenager’s life. It has been seen parents ‘bribe’ their children! Yes, you heard me right. Parents are often seen getting involved in illicit activities and to hide their deeds the tend to give a lot of money, gadgets, and accessories in a disguise of their concern to their children making them blind enough so that they cannot see through the actual intentions of their parents. The thinking capacity of a teenager is nipped in the bud. Mothers are busy in kitty parties and fathers in golf clubs. Sometimes they hardly get to see each other even though they live in the same house. The word 'family' seem to be getting erased from their dictionaries.

Teenage is not mere a word. It is a responsibility of both parents and children. Parents should be patient and supportive through all this time. They should stand beside their children rather than against them. Children are prone to make mistakes, but parents should make them realize and help them correct their mistakes. Teenage is the most beautiful and exciting phase life which comes with a lot of responsibilities for future. Each and every teenager should understand that giving in to wrong things in times of crisis is very easy but holding yourself back and sticking by your side is very difficult.

This is the time when their sense of judgment and morals are put into questions. This is the time they can prove themselves and gain confidence for life. They should understand that just because something is done by a mass of people does not make it right. Sticking to one's morals is not an easy job, it may seem tough temporarily but in the long run, only those people are the gainers who dare to stand out of the crowd and follow their heart in spite of following others.

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Lack of guidance from parents

Nowadays parents are busy in thier own life neglecting the chidlren's requirements. There is less guidance provided. Chidlren are spending more time with the nanny's so they suffer from more problems.

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