Do you think teenagers today show respect for adults?

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Do you think teenagers today show respect for adults?

Respect is a gesture that is earned. No doubt a person of high standards or even self-made background is always respected in every country, irrespective of religion. But in a country like India, where we value a lot to our cultures, respect is often shown to people who are older to us. In simple words, adults are shown respect by the younger generation known as the teenagers.

India serving this gesture as a method of showing respect and gratitude has been immensely popular among its neighboring countries, being considered as a country of tradition. But lately, we as Indians have seen a negative side of this. Teenagers, these days are begrudge in nature than they were before. Evil thoughts are constantly taking a place in their soul. As a result of which most of them have just ignored the tradition of showing respect to adults lately.

We are living in a generation that is more socially advanced than it was in the 1990s. Several technological improvements have made us more reliable on our desktop rather than our surroundings. With each time passing, we are even ignoring certain traditional values that used to distinguish us as an Indian. These days’ teenagers are busier in minding their surroundings than to have a moment spend with their elders. They have completely skipped various methods of showing respect to adults and have become more active on networking groups. They hardly greet or wish anymore. All they do is post comments and share pics. There was a time when children of the teenage group showed immense respect for greeting elders. They used to touch their feet, bring them a chair to sit and even ask them politely if they needed something. These days not a single child has the audacity to perform any one the said tasks to any of their elders. The act of showing respect has completely vanished in recent time and has been a foregone topic.

Earlier during the medieval period, India started the unique way of treating elders. The persons who were older were given prefixes before their name just to mention that they are much older and have unanimous experience of the world. These traditions were followed by ever succeeding generation until now. These days technology has changed the entire aspect of human behavior. People are happier if they are welcomed by some animations in Facebook rather than having a welcome letter. On the other hand greeting a person has been done more on these social networking sites rather than doing it personally. This has hampered the tradition that India has been following for years. Less respect and preference is given to adults.

Young people are having loud parties on weekends and when asked about the same by their parents, they have a rude explanation. Gone are the days when the teens used to fear their parents and adults. These days they don’t give a damn to any of their parents’ thought and they are happy boasting about the same to their friends. They live in a delightful surrounding consisting their friend circles and hardly care about the outer world. No family, no relatives to consider, just a bunch of friends who are only for the purpose of enjoyment. They no longer show the respect or even care about the existence of their parents or their elders anymore. This is not because of the fact that they want to humiliate them, but simply because they no longer care about anyone except themselves. For the teenagers there is no outer world, and simply no term as “Adults". For them everyone has equal stature and experience doesn’t make an individual respectable. If someone, on the other hand, has an impressive Facebook display picture, they are considered as unique and have an admiring personality. But people who have gained knowledge and have seen the world much younger than it is now, have no existence for them.

A recent study has even found out that the current generation, along with less respect has less empathy for other people. They no longer share the kind of emotions we all used to share with our parents. There used to be evening sessions where we used to tell our entire day’s story to our parents and elders. Finding our faults and taking advice from them always helped us. Even today many great personalities have learned a lot from their elders and achieved what the rest of the world failed. But today's teenagers are egocentric. They won't even speak a word to their elders even if they are in great trouble. For them, solving the problem all by themselves is a matter of pride as they think of themselves as matured teens. Even if they are asked about their whole day’s experience they think of it as a matter of insult in consulting adults by sharing their thoughts. Good manners have lost its pace and we have ended up being too realistic. India, once known for cultures and traditions is constantly being questioned for these disrespectful acts of today's teenagers. We all miss the days when our parents used to be our teachers and respecting them was considered to be our honor.

These days every right and wrong decisions are being made by these teenagers and no one has the authority to stop them, at least according to them.With each passing years, we must realize that youth is the foundation stage of a person’s life. Making him/her learn various standards and behavior will only prove good results in future. Making the teens realize that respect and dignity are the key points in achieving success is the topic of discussion. We all must come forward to teach our younger siblings and friends to respect adults and in no time we may experience the charm India had once.

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