Should boys and girls be given the same amount of freedom? Why or Why not?

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Should boys and girls be given the same amount of freedom? Why or Why not?

It is a complete absurd thinking that is affecting today’s generation. Lots of women are continually making their presence felt in various sectors. Be it in Entertainment, sports, or even Public sectors, girls are no longer the stereotypes we used to think before. They have achieved tremendous knowledge and growth in various fields and hence are of equal stature with respect to boys. Therefore, as a matter of fact, their freedom of speech and way of living should also be at the level of which boys are enjoying.

But sadly it is not the case. Several girls are still dominated right from their adolescence period and it continues thoroughly to their mid age. Most parents have a typical mindset of not letting their daughters display any kind of freedom acts that is socially not acceptable. This results in extreme trauma and at times certain qualities and talent even remain unnoticed. A human should be judged with the capabilities he/she can achieve and not by gender. But the society, mostly biased with boys and a male child, continuously suppresses the freedom of girls making most of them vulnerable to domestic trends which are set by their family members.

When a child is born, parents should not decide their future with a conclusion set in respect to gender. Gender is just a differentiation made by nature and it has nothing to do with one’s thought, motives or ideas. Several leading sectors have their head appointed as women. They outsource men in various fields and currently women empowerment has risen up to a peak level. Several large public and private limited companies have women as chairpersons. Would it be possible if they had been barred from expressing their thought right from a tender age?

No doubts if freedom is barred at a certain age, it should be applicable for all, irrespective of gender. Just because there are evils in the society doesn’t necessarily mean that a girl child has to sacrifice her thoughts. She should be given all the privileges that are given to a boy child and even more if needed. If there are restrictions on certain things like clothes or timings, it should be applied on both. Only making a girl child suffer because of the evil mentality of a society is completely absurd.

Certain people have a thought that boys are more powerful than girls. As a result of which they can be more careful and protect themselves from hazards or contingencies. But physical strength doesn't determine the way to a solution. It is the presence of mind that makes problems be tackled in an efficient way. No doubt a male child or a boy has more power in terms of muscularity than a girl. But these days’ women have also acquired the talent of beating boys in Martial Arts and Wrestling. This proves gender has no place in determining a person’s inner strength. It all lies in the training and willpower of the individual. Men, on the other hand, possess a better muscularity than women, so they are presumed to be more powerful. But considering the number of women made into Olympics this year, its high time we should change our minds.

I personally prefer that girls should get an equal amount of freedom in expressing thoughts and displaying their skills. They didn’t choose to be a girl child, so there is no question to judge them for the same. If we continue to judge the girl child, there will be a time when there will be too much competition among men and no female counterparts in various fields. There should be a balance of both the gender in every field. Demoralising female child and setting rules for them will only make these things rise. Therefore, it is the duty of the parents and the guardians to impose rules on both their child irrespective of gender. And if they are allowing the male child with a certain freedom, they should also allow the same for the girl child. Because with the recent graph of girl child climbing the success ladders, there would be a time when freedom would be opposed to men and the rules would be set by girls.

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Girls and boys in today’s day and age are doing all the same set of things. Girls are doing all of the things that the boys are doing. There really is no difference in the role that girl’s play when they grow up and when boys do. Things have changed massively over the years and the roles that girls were restricted to play a long time ago have changed drastically. They have managed to reach that point where they are doing the jobs that men were restricted to do earlier and they are living the life that was a way of life for men in the olden days. That is exactly the reason we need to accept the fact that we need to give equal amount of freedom to girls and to boys. We need to be able to give both girls and boys the freedom to choose the path of their life, to choose to do and experience all that they really wish to experience, to be the best version of who they are really love.
It is very important to keep the fact in mind that we need to be able to grow and change our mindset along with the change in time and the growth in the society.

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