Why should girls be given equal freedom as boys?

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Why should girls be given equal freedom as boys?

A lot of talk about girls being given equal freedom as boys is happening in recent times. While the world has progressed on this front, India still lags behind on the question of women equality. It is, therefore, a serious topic of debate and attracts much attention.

The notion that girls are less than boys holds no truth and should be strong discouraged. India has given us numerous powerful women who have showed the world that given an equal opportunity, women could perform at par and even better than man.

Girls are calmer by nature and can take critical decisions better than Boys. It is with this vision that women have now been inducted in combat roles in Indian Air Force and Border Security Force. Some of the top Executive officers in multinationals are also women. This in itself proves that women are no less if they are given the right opportunity.

The country as a whole needs to take many steps so that the message of girl equality is spread down to the masses, especially in rural areas where girls are often confined to the dingy rooms. With the world looking at the dawn of a new century in coming times, it is important that girls should be given equal opportunities. The change is indeed happening though the pace is a little slow.

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