How to Tell if your Partner Is Secretly Insecure Of You?

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How to Tell if your Partner Is Secretly Insecure Of You?

Is your new relationship not all wines and roses? Do you feel confused and unsure about spending an entire day with your partner? Well, your partner may be insecure of you.

There are times when you end up being with an insecure partner. It might cause you confusion and loads of frustration. Read the article below to know if you have an insecure partner.

We bring to you 9 signs that you have an insecure partner.

#1. They Will Make You Feel Guilty

An insecure partner will always try to make you feel guilty about everything you wish to do without them. A girls night or a boys night out might not sound pleasant to their ears. They will make you feel bad about their absence or would convince you to do something for them to let you take a night off. Either way, you will feel guilty of enjoying without them or the fun would vanish in no time.

#2. Your Ex Won’t Be Your Past Anymore

You are obviously done with your ex but your partner will never be able to move over them. If he/she is insecure about you, they will keep bringing your ex in conversations over and again. They keep talking about your previous relationships because they can’t let go of the fact that you dated someone else before them and they are afraid that you might go back to them some day or the other.

#3.They Want All Your Time

When in a new relationship, everyone wants to spend all their time with their partners, be it the lunch dates or a nicely cooked home dinner. But with time passing by, one needs to have some time of their own to spend with themselves or friends and family. An insecure partner would never let you spend your time with anyone apart from them.

#4. They Keep Boasting About Themselves

An insecure partner would always want you to think highly of them. To make sure that happens regularly, they keep sharing their heroic stories. With time you must have realized that the person in the stories is nothing like the one you live with today. Those stories are just a way for them to look good in your eyes, and they might not even be true.

#5. They Cannot Handle Criticism

Each one of us has to go through criticism; be it from our teachers, seniors, bosses, parents or at times from our friends too. There are times when criticism helps you improvise your actions. But an insecure person would never be able to take criticism, not even from you. They feel offensive and might even act out to any sorts of criticism.

#6. They Are Jealous Of Your People

An insecure partner will never be happy to see your friends or family around you. They will always find out ways to find faults in them in order to keep you away. They feel that your people will convince you to leave your partner for someone better.

#7. They Keep A Tab On Your Phone And Social Media

In a healthy relationship, you do tell your partner about all your friends and colleagues at work, and checking each other’s phone is simply transgressing the line of privacy. But an insecure partner will always have trust issues. To be sure, they will keep a tab on your phone messages and your social media activities. Beware of such interjections and always keep your phone safe.

#8. They Will Always Indulge In Playing Mind Games

An insecure partner is mostly unsure and doubtful of you. Their insecurity is a result of low self-esteem. They always have a feeling that you will walk out on them for a better option, and hence try to know your status by playing mind games.

#9. They Will Act Crazy From Time To Time

Acting like a jerk from time to time is normal for everyone. But an insecure partner keeps doing it repeatedly on purpose. With an excessively low self-esteem, they intend on putting other people down to feel superior. Such temporary superiority makes them feel good about themselves.

Let us know in the comment section below about your experience with an insecure partner.

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