Smartphone App Can Detect Zika Virus in Just 30 Minutes!

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Smartphone App Can Detect Zika Virus in Just 30 Minutes!

Zika was a dangerous virus which wrecked havoc during the last year. Zika fever originated from Zika Virus and spread through mosquito bites. Noticeably, there is no cure or vaccine for Zika virus and the disease is considered to be deadly. Now researchers have been able to find a way of detection of Zika virus and all such similar viruses. C

This app has been developed by Sandia National Labs. This lab is part of US Department of Energy. This is a smartphone controllable battery operated device which costs only $100 and can detect the virus as chikungunya, dengue and Zika in half an hour.

This smartphone app will be of immense help for researchers as will not only enable diagnosis in 30 minutes but will also help doctors make decisions at a faster pace. Another distinct advantage of this app will be that it will help detect these above three kinds of diseases. All these three are spread by the same mosquito only. The whole diagnosis process will not only become easier to manage but will be streamlined to such an extent that immediate precautionary measures can be taken in case of infection.

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