4 Ways Your Phone Can Actually Ruin Your Relationship

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4 Ways Your Phone Can Actually Ruin Your Relationship

What do you think kills a relationship? If you thought parents, lies, exes, cheating or fights, then you are right. If you picked misunderstandings or excessive control, then you are not wrong either. But did it ever cross your mind that your innocent-looking smartphone could also be an enemy of your romance?

The adorable and once-common pillow talks are now replaced by constant scrolling through the pages of social media accounts. Even the most dedicated of couples today cannot control their smartphone addiction when they are together.

A recent study conducted by the University of Arizona found that people whose partners were highly dependent on their smartphone were not too satisfied with their relationship. Or, you can say that they were jealous of the smartphone of their partner.

If you are still wondering how your simple smartphone could affect your relationship, then keep reading.

#1. Smartphone Distracts

In today’s world, nothing distracts us as much as our smartphone. From phone calls and text messages to notifications from social media accounts informing that one of our random friends has uploaded an image on Facebook or Instagram, our device keeps pinging every few minutes. These notifications distract our conversations and annoy the people we are with. Just a few seconds spent in checking emails and other notifications kill our conversations.

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#2. You Prioritize Your Digital Life Over The Real One

For a healthy relationship, a balance between how much we care about ourselves and how much about our partner is required. The smartphone destabilizes it. We are quickly becoming less and less empathetic individuals, who only care about themselves. We give too much emphasis to our virtual lives, caring more about how many likes we get on our profile pictures and the number of followers we have on Twitter.

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#3. It Causes Space Between Couples

We are under the illusion that our phones are improving our relationships, allowing us to stay connected at all times. However, the reality is opposite. Our face-to-face intimate conversations have been replaced by video calls in these modern times. The technology isn’t doing much else than sabotaging our relationships and wreaking havoc on our romance.

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#4. Phone Is Our Priority

Waking up next to our partner, what most of us do is check our phone first, for any late night notification that we might have missed. The signal it gives to the partner is that checking the smartphone is somehow more important than them or more interesting than them. They could also take it as you not considering them worthy of a decent conversation.

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Smartphones are definitely among the biggest inventions of our generation, which has an unimaginable amount of impact on our lives. But somehow, these innocent looking devices have started to have more effect on our lives than we would appreciate. They have even put our relationships on life support, barely surviving and just moments away from dying.

Tell us what other ways you can think of by which a smartphone can destroy a relationship. Also, vote in the interesting poll we have for you below.

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Yes, It Is A Huge Distraction

This is something that the girls will understand better because they are the sufferers here. The thing with these smartphones is that they cause addictions and especially to boys in the relationship. This is because they don't care about the other person who is a human (living thing and misses them). They are just worried about their social media news feeds and other non-sense things.

I am not saying that girls don't use it .They definitely do, but they know when to use it and when not. There is time for everything. Its not that you are eating your food and suddenly take out your guitar to play music. There is the appropriate time for everything and that is what matters.

So it should be taken into account that what are you doing and when. Especially when you are with your partner.

Yes, It Is A Huge Distraction


I face it all the time when my closed ones (including my family and friends) us their smartphones even when we meet after a really really long time. I think that there should be a law made for it to ensure that your smartphone is not coming in between your relationships.

It is extremely important.

People nowadays are like they have a smartphone and all they can think of is about the news feed on their social media sites. This won't be possible if their partner is sitting with them because they will get super irritated. But, this is a mere pretend. No matter how much they act that they don't care about their phone, they will check it anyway. Not in the first five minutes maybe.

And after that if they hear the message tone on their mobile, then, they have such huge craving to check their mobile as soon as possible that you cannot have a hold on it!

Yes, It Is A Huge Distraction

I have been in a couple of fights with my partner because of my tiny, innocent smartphone. Having learned my lessons, now I tend to keep it away when we are on a date. 

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