5 Reasons Swami Vivekananda Still Remains An Iconic & Inspirational Figure For The Youth

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5 Reasons Swami Vivekananda Still Remains An Iconic & Inspirational Figure For The Youth

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.”- Swami Vivekananda

This one quote sums up the entire spiritual revolution that Swami Vivekananda headed. The devoted disciple of Sri Ramakrishna brought the great teachings of Hindu scriptures on a global platform. He had an existential crisis at a young age and his doubts paved the way for his growth as a leader in the spiritual community.

On his 115th death anniversary, we take a look at how Swami Vivekananda has remained an iconic and inspirational figure for the youth.

#1. His quintessential inquisitive nature

The present day youth has a very curious mind that refuses to acknowledge the path or answers that the earlier generations easily accepted. They seek answers to mysteries that haven’t been probed and Swami Vivekananda was one such man. He constantly pondered on the existence of God and was seldom happy with the answers he got. His search turned him from Narendra Nath Datta into the celebrated Swami Vivekananda.

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#2. His mission in life was different from others

It is a ground rule to always choose a career role that is followed by the masses and hence offers stability, but Swami Vivekananda did things differently. For him, his true calling was to explore and discover the vast plains of India and unearth the secrets that make this land so great. He had immense self-confidence and unshakable belief in himself that lead him to fulfill his life mission and gave him the strength to walk alone. Even the present generation aims to make a mark in their chosen perspective field and seek inspiration from the great figure to do so.

#3. Going beyond the notion of religion

The world at present is conflicted because of religion, and the inherent need to seek the true divine beyond the concept of religion exists in today’s youth. Swami Vivekananda taught the true meaning and principle of Atma, the true divinity of the soul residing in each individual and focused on understanding the self. This concept taught in Vedanta is about finding strength in oneself which is the first step to self-growth. Swami Vivekananda emphasized on giving people spiritual and secular knowledge; only then their problems would be eradicated.

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#4. A great orator

The power of a great speaker cannot be undermined; it has the potential to even start a World War or a revolution. The youth is always moved by a leader who can speak to sway others opinion and change their mindset. Swami Vivekananda was an orator par excellence; he could motivate anyone just through the powers of his spoken words. He introduced the great teachings of Vedanta to the western world and spoke them so well that people traveled from far and wide to listen to him. He is still considered to be one of the best speakers.

#5. Positive role model

In the world full of false saints, God-heads, and corrupted leaders, it’s hard to find a leader who is positive and inspiring. He taught people that true birth happens when you discover the purpose of life and true strength is walking on it. He famously proclaimed that belief in oneself is more important than belief in others and self-discovery is important for everyone.

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Has Swami Vivekananda inspired you in being your best possible version or do you get motivation from a different icon? Do let us know in the comment box below, we look forward to all your opinions and queries.

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