The most rewarding foreign languages to learn

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The most rewarding foreign languages to learn

With the rapid evolution in business enterprises, most of the reputable brands are launching their offices in foreign countries, so that they become dominant globally. To pursue a career in eminent MNCs, job seekers do need to have foreign language fluency, as it can make their resume stand out of the crowd. 

Here are some of the rewarding foreign languages that you can learn to prosper in your career:

•    French

French is a difficult language to learn, as the pronunciation is a bit different and unique. Learning French can enable you to communicate anywhere in Europe and Africa. Some of the fastest growing countries of the world speak mostly French.

•    Spanish 

Native English speakers can easily learn Spanish, as it has a lot of resemblance to the English language. Almost 350 million people around the speak Spanish, and if you are well-versed with this foreign language you can land your dream job.

•    Japanese 

Japanese ranks amongst the most widely spoken languages in the world and Japan is considered as the powerful countries in the world economically. It provides ample job opportunities and business arena to the people.

•    German

The foreign language is spoken in economically powerful countries like Austria, Luxembourg, and large parts of Switzerland. Whether you would love to go for Europe trip or settle there, learning German can be an added advantage.

•    Portuguese 

Not only the foreign language is beautiful, but it is closely related to other romantic languages.

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