How to Gain Weight?

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How to Gain Weight?

In times when the entire world is running on the treadmills to get rid of the extra pounds, there are some lucky fellas who need to add some flesh to look flab-ulous!!

If you too are interested in gaining weight, then follow these habits for quick results.

How To Gain Weight Fast?

#1.  Add Calories To Your Diet

Just like you lower down on the calorie count when losing weight, let them flood in when you want to gain weight. Consume more than 250 calories every day to gain about half or one kilo. Eat foods like pulses, cereals, meat, bread, rice, dry fruits, and nuts because they are rich in calories.

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#2.  Raise The Number Of Meals Per Day

Spend more time on eating. Switch to six meals instead of three; three big meals and three small. Prefer taking heavy meals, especially your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because your metabolism is inactive when you are sleeping, heavy dinner will help in rapid weight gain.

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#3.  Choose Your Fats Wisely

While gaining weight, it is important that you gain the good fats instead of the bad ones. Good fats help in the production of testosterones and also accelerate muscle growth. Good fats elevate metabolism. Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are two of the most common forms of good fats, and are present in flaxseed, avocados, nuts, leafy vegetables and salmon. Good fats are also rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.

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#4.  Weight Gain Supplements

If you find dieting to be a slow process, then start consuming weight gain supplements (doctor prescribed) for rapid weight gain. Gaining weight through supplements is quick because supplements with protein help in gaining body mass and also contributes to muscle development.

How To Gain Weight Naturally? 

Gaining weight isn’t as tough as losing those extra pounds. Adding a number of food items that are rich in calories, fats, and proteins will help in rapid weight gain.

#1. Granola

Granola makes up for a tasty breakfast cereal. It is loaded with energy, protein, fiber, and calories. One cup of granola is said to contain more than 450 calories. If you are not a fan of eating cereals, then pick a granola bar and start munching.

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#2. Peanut Butter

If you are a peanut butter lover, then we would say it’s a great day to be happy. A generous spread of the delicious paste on a slice of white bread is all you need for gaining weight.

#3. Bananas

Bananas are your go-to healthy meal if gaining weight is your primary focus. To our surprise, one banana can actually help you gain 100 calories.

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#4. Tuna

Tuna is an extremely healthy protein and contains essential oils that are healthy for the body. Tuna is an inexpensive food for gaining weight quickly and is also rich in proteins.

What To Eat To Gain Weight Fast?

The following food will help you gaining weight rapidly.

#1.  Full cream milk

#2.  Beans

#3.  Cereals

#4.  Fats and oils

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#5.  Desserts

#6. French beans,

#7.  Red meat

#8. Dairy products

Exercises To Gain Weight

Don’t be surprised if we tell you that exercising helps in gaining weight too. Yes, working out can help you in gaining some extra pounds too. This list of exercises will help in muscle building.  

#1.  Twisting Crunches

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#2. Leg Press

#3. Arm Curls

#4. Shoulder Shrug

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#5. Incline Dumbell Press

#6. Side Lateral Raise

#7. Dumbell Lunges

#8. Weighted Crunches

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Fat and Oils

Adding healthy fats in the diet promotes easy weight gain. Healthy fats include Cheese, Butter, ghee and whole milk. These dairy products are high in good fats, it does not cause cholesterol, obesity and other heart diseases. One can eat it on daily basis without affecting their health.

So, add good fats your diet to gain weight.

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