UP govt issues helpline numbers to check cheating in board exams

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UP govt issues helpline numbers to check cheating in board exams

Uttar Pradesh government has issued a helpline number to check the cheating cases in board examinations. This measure has been put in place to check the increasing number of cheating cases in the examinations.

The Uttar Pradesh Education board secretary Sahil Yadav has confirmed the move and has said that telephone numbers have been issued and anyone can give information to report such cases. This information can be conveyed through WhatsApp on the number 9454457241 and the landline number 0522 2236760. The Secretary said that 53 schools have been blacklisted in Uttar Pradesh so far as they have been found not conferring to the standards.

This move has been necessitated after reports of mass copying surfaced in different districts of the state. Such cheating cases during the board examination have been reported in Aligarh, Mathura, Hathras, Kanpur, Gonda and some other districts.

The move can also be seen as a process of streamlining administration after the formation of the new government under the leadership of Adityanath Yogi. Cases of mass copying have been reported in the state in the last few years and Yogi Adityanath wants to be seen as a hard taskmaster who does not tolerate any such crime. The move to curb the practice can be seen as a step in this direction.

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