Ways to help your parents.

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Ways to help your parents.

There will be always differences in generations. It is not easy to get along. But both parents and children should try to understand each other. Children should remember that they have only one parent and they should honor them. 

Your parent might not have planned for their retirement. They may be having debts.

Here is how you can help them financially when they are aged.

  1. As they age, they may need your help. With ageing comes loss of employment, health and energy. They will lose their independence. Your parents may need plenty of emotional support.
  2. Try to be empathetic towards them. Put yourself in that situation and decide things.
  3. Call them regularly. They may want to hear you. Take help of your siblings too. Do not take all the responsibilities alone.
  4. Encourage them to make friends and be active.
  5. Help them create a memory book, if they are having memory problems.
  6. Do not be bossy with them.
  7. Help your aged parents with their basic needs not wants. Make a list of their immediate needs like food and medicines. You can gift them money. First plan your own finance.
  8. If your parents are refusing help from you, ask your relatives, close friends or some social organization to help you.
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Yes, I do help my aging Parents means Grandma and Grandpa...

And every one must help their Grand Parents...

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