What are natural remedies of drugs?

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What are natural remedies of drugs?

Drug Addiction is the need to use certain illegal and life threatening substances that one gets addicted to and has to consume orally or has to be injected into the blood at repeated intervals. Drug addiction is a serious and life-threatening concern for most people. Mostly, the adolescent or teen people are affected in many countries. The dependency one incurs with the course of time has severe implications on one’s personal and psychological health. The addiction is often long lasting creating a huge concern for the person along with the persons associated with him/her.

The origin of drug addiction is many. Most people get used to it through friends and many get it to overcome failures and depression in life. It usually begins with voluntary acceptance of taking the substances and gradually it becomes impossible to live without it. Several complications including psychological disorder along with chronic and relapsing diseases are witnessed in the long term. Often drug addiction is termed as a brain disease because continuous use of substances hampers the activities of the brain leading to severe dependency.

There are ways in which drug addiction can be treated. Considering the long term damage it does, addiction should be treated as soon as possible. Although the initial decision in taking drugs are made by a person, to withdraw from it depends on various factors. It includes care and strong will power to stop using the substances periodically. At times withdrawing even has a negative impact on one's health. Since the person has a deep addiction to drugs, sudden withdrawal makes him vulnerable to some threats. It is advisable to use natural remedies rather than artificial. Considering nature as the best healer, natural remedies has little or no side effects as compared to artificial remedies.

DETOXIFICATION - It is the process by which the body itself gets rid of the drug and its effects. Detoxification is often considered as the best way to get rid of toxic components of the body. Since the body itself allows to remove the wastes, there are fewer side effects as compared to other processes. This process is mainly carried out by the liver. It can be also termed as the period of withdrawal of drugs after repeated use of drugs for a long time. Detoxification is achieved physiologically and can be enhanced by improving the diet of a particular individual. Drug detoxification involves a study of the drugs along with the process of treating the dependency through withdrawal. Advising and helping the patient morally with a change in lifestyle and diet is done further by enrolling in a Rehabilitation Centre or simply helping personally.

MEDITATION - Although meditation doesn't have an immediate effect on drug addiction but on the long term, it helps a lot. It is an act of mindfulness. Some steps and programs are introduced by various councilors to prevent relapse over drug use. Helping the patient physiologically, it makes the patient gain peace and awareness of the various negative effects of drugs. With due course, the patient becomes aware of the fact that drug addiction has negative impacts and gradually becomes capable of withdrawing voluntarily. Mindful Meditation helps in regulating the mood of the patient. Since after withdrawal, the patient goes through a series of mood swings, meditation helps in controlling these swings and making the patient more stable. Several other medications include Vipassana Meditation which also teaches a person not to react violently to the surrounding after withdrawal.

NUTRITION - Biochemical Restoration is a specific kind of diet that is followed to restore the imbalances one incurs during substantial use of drugs for a long period. During addiction, the body becomes susceptible to various biochemical imbalances which hamper the body's immune system damaging several organs in due course. Along with that, there is a change in chemical components of the body such as amino acid imbalances. Diets rich in omega 3 and fatty acids along with some moderate amount of protein helps in tackling these problems experienced by the individual. Making a routine of a balanced diet helps in the withdrawal of drug addiction without the use of medicines.

EXERCISE/YOGA - Daily exercise, even a brisk walk of 2 kilometers can help boost the person’s metabolism, thus removing the substances through sweat and urine. Also, Yoga can help bringing the body and mind together and help the individual in tackling the effects of withdrawal. Exercise leads to increase in the level of neurotransmitters of the body and an improved function of the heart. It also increases the oxygen and nutrient delivery to the blood stream. Similarly, Yoga helps in achieving the mind's power to control addiction and teaches the body to release negative emotions and to stick to positive thoughts. Exercise and yoga help a lot during the initial stages of withdrawal because it involves the mind more often than the body in achieving a goal.

SOCIALIZING WITH PETS - Considered as a rare therapy, spending time with pets can actually have a tremendous effect in withdrawing drug addiction. Studies say that people who are in the ongoing period of withdrawal witness tremendous mood changes when introduced to pets. Being in the utmost care of an another being, pets are adorable and spend most of their time cuddling with people. This, in turn, lowers anxiety, depression, mood swings and several other psychological problems faced by the person after withdrawing drugs. Dogs, horses, cats are some of the animals that are used for therapy. The person has an increased self-confidence along with higher self-esteem for self.

Still one can opt for medications if the above-said methods do not have an effect on him/her. Medication causes some changes that are instantly felt whereas natural procedures take time and patience. Nevertheless, drug addiction is a serious issue and should be tackled n one way or the other. Seeing the recent alarming fig of teens drawn into the addiction, it’s high time we should have strict laws to ban substances.

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