What are the Different Types of Iron Hanging Lanterns?

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Lanterns have been widely used for years in many homes. Earlier, these were widely used in many villages to remove darkness. Due to the unavailability of electricity in villages, people relied heavily on lanterns to get light. However, now many villagers have an access to electricity and the use of lanterns has also been minimized. Now they are largely used as a decorative item in many homes, hotels, restaurants, and other places.

Many lanterns would have a shield of glass that would protect the flicks from blowing away due to the wind. In other lanterns, the decorative silk or paper shade is used to protect the lantern from going out.

There are various types of lanterns embraced by the leading interior decorators. Some of them are as follows:

Hanging lanterns: These lanterns have emerged as the most common type and are used on a large scale. You can easily spot them at homes and office spaces. These are also used for adorning the public spaces, building, shops, and streets. Even, these can also be spotted at homes near the window area during the festival season.

Floating lanterns: These lanterns are available in various shapes like square, circle, oblong, flower, and much more. These are lit and left in the water to create a scenic view. You can spot them in rivers, ponds, lakes, floating restaurants, and many other places.

Flying lanterns: These lanterns witness good demand especially during the mid-autumn festival. These are released in the sky during night time in China and continue to remain afloat. These lanterns are mainly propelled by the surging warm air produced by the flame inside. They look spectacular and offer a marvelous view to the spectators. They are often released in a large group to produce the best effect.

Paper lanterns: These lanterns were used mainly in China and originated from the Eastern Han Dynasty. They were used as lamps in the country to get rid of darkness. A large variety of different crafts were used while manufacturing them that may include Chinese painting, paper cutting etc. Wood, bamboo, straws of wheat, metals were used to manufacture them. Paper and silk played an important role during their production.

Therefore, we can conclude here that there are various types of lanterns available in the market. If you are looking for iron hanging lanterns supplier, you will find many leading suppliers online who will offer them a good discount on a special occasion.

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