What is bubble tea

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A new favorite drink for me, bubble tea is the name given to a wide variety of flavored milk teas and fruit teas. These are served steaming hot as well as ice cold and you can pick the type that suits your tastes the best.     Typically, these bubble teas are served with chewy tapioca balls that are usually referred to as bubbles or pearls.
The drink is believed to have been originated from Taiwan where a local tea house, in 1986, inspired from tapioca balls, made the first pearl tea. Since then, this delicious drink has crossed seas and oceans to become a hot favorite for people all around the world.
Today, there are dozens of types of bubble teas available, which can be broadly categorized as fruit-flavored or milk tea. Practically every shop serving bubble teas has its own unique flavor and hence the list is never-ending. I would also like to point to your attention the health aspects of drinking bubble tea. Though it looks innocent from the first sight of it, it is loaded with calories. So in case you are planning to load up on these, I would suggest you to cut back a little as the tapioca balls in these drinks, the so-called ‘pearls’ are pure sugar and can easily ruin your diet.

Bubble tea is a fun version of the regular tea, which has a fruit flavor in it and is available in various types. Bubble tea is simply tea with fruit flavoring in it and comprises a bunch of chewy flavored balls that can be eaten or just simply sucked up along with the liquid tea. What is amazing is the fact that you get your regular tea along with this crunchy taste attached to it because of these balls that are a part of it. It makes the tea taste different and also the fruit flavoring is a refreshing twist.

What this does is it makes the tea more filling and you get the opportunity to have a complete snack all in one drink. You do not have to order a side dish or make it a point to have some other snack in order to complete your evening snacking. It is because of the bubbles that the tea becomes so filling and there is this unique twist that makes the regular tea more refreshing and exciting. When you get to infuse all those fruity flavors, it surely makes the tea refreshing and you get to move away from the regular and taste something new.

The best part is the fact that you can have this in the form of your refreshing fruit teas where the bubbles are infused. At the same time, you can also have them in the form of your milk tea in case you want to enjoy bubble tea and yet stick to your love for the traditional tea. You can choose to have it hot or even cold as per your liking which makes it possible to have it during all kinds of seasons and is a good option for people with various preferences and taste.

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