Reasons we should avoid bed tea or bed coffee.

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Reasons we should avoid bed tea or bed coffee.

Are you starting your day with bed tea or bed coffee? This is not a good idea to start your day. It is a bad habit.

We should brush our teeth as soon as we get up. Our oral hygiene is very important.

When microorganisms from your oral cavity moves down to gut system, they may interfere with the proper functioning of good bacteria. This may disrupt the acid-alkaline balance in your stomach. This will disrupt the metabolic activity of your body.

The  microorganisms are the reason for the bad odour in our mouth when we wake up. So, they definitely  won't do anything good to your health. All the  the microorganisms are moving into the gut, when you are drinking a cup of coffee without brushing your teeth. This may increase acid levels in your stomach.

Intake of tea in the early morning interferes with iron absorption. It may worsen your condition, if you are anemic.

Drinking tea, very first in the morning may cause stomach inflammation. This may lead to infections.

When you drink bed coffee, the bacteria in your mouth  will cause a break down of the sugar. This increases the acid level in your mouth. This erodes your enamel and the outer layer of your mouth. This may lead to bacteria build up or gingivitis.

So , think before having your bed tea or bed coffee.

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One of the prime reasons for avoiding morning bed tea and bed coffee is that it can cause heartburn and it is not at all good for your oral hygiene as drinking tea or bed coffee without brushing your teeth will wash down the bacteria in your mouth that has accumulated overnight to your gut doing more harm than good. Coffee is also a trigger for acidity as it irritates the esophagus by weakening the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) which prevents the backward flow of stomach contents that causes acid reflux and you become defenseless to this condition. When the bacterium from your mouth reaches your gut it interferes with the functioning of good bacteria and cause problems in metabolism, disrupting the acid-alkaline balance in your stomach. Converting food into energy, Metabolism is the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy. During this complex biochemical process, calories in food and beverages are combined with oxygen to release the energy your body needs to function and this slows down making you feel less active than you should feel affecting your output. The next thing in the list of bad things bed coffee and bed tea can cause is stomach inflammation as you are at a greater risk of infection when you have that foul smelling bacteria in your mouth and can even cause peptic ulcers. It also decreases the rate at which your body absorbs iron and we all that Iron is an important component of hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from our lungs to transport it throughout our body and lack of it will impeded the ability of our body to make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. When we sleep our body is accumulating toxins and this happens every night that’s why doctors recommend a glass of water to flush out toxins so that we have enough room for the toxin build up that takes place daily when you drink bed tea or bed coffee your toxin build up increases and your kidneys are at greater risk of malfunctioning.

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