Why caffeine is a safe drug to consume

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Why caffeine is a safe drug to consume

The prime constituent of coffee, caffeine is mild stimulant drug, safety of which is long known controversial topic.

Caffeine helps to boost our mind and enhances the transmission of signals within the brain, thus makes individuals vigilant and energetic. The effect of caffeine usually lasts about half an hour to over twelve hours, depending upon the dosage of caffeine.

There are both benefits and disadvantages to caffeine, some of the benefits are that it is a mild stimulant, rich in antioxidants, increases stamina and prevents cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer’s, kidney stones, weight gain, whereas the disadvantages are, it is addictive, thus, when it is flushed out of the system, then the body is left feeling tired, dizzy, perplexed, dehydrated along with headaches and loss of focus.

Considering both, the pros as well as the cons, caffeine is considered safe and effective when consumed within moderate dosage, which is around 400 milligrams per day for an adult. But it should be kept in mind that caffeine is not advised for young children below the age of twelve years, though occasional consumption does not do any harm. For children above the age of twelve years, the dosage for caffeine consumption should not be more than approximately 100 milligrams per day.

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